New Canadian Library

Back in 1958, Canadian publishers McClelland & Stewart started the first company to produce Canadian books in paperback series form.  It is now known affectionately as the Canadian Company and has just relaunched the New Canadian Library –  and over 100 titles by some of Canada’s premiere authors in fresh new paperback versions.

And just what do the books say about us as a people?  I came across a fun website called Roughing It In the Books that talks about what the author of the site thinks about the first ten books in the series.  According to her, it seems we are obsessed with the weather, nature, wars and the USA.  If the people who work here at the library are any indication, the weather thing is right on the money.  What common links would we find if we read through typical American or British classics?  Would we find similar obsessions or are they geographically based?  What do you think?