The Truth about Writing Books

We have a pretty interesting writers’ group at the library, with participants who are just starting their writing journey, to those who have written and published books already. It’s a group who like to commiserate over the lows (endless revision and rejections), and praise the highs (seeing your book in print for the first time and finally making it through a chapter), but most of all, they understand that process is tough. People who have never considered writing a book, however, often don’t understand the toll it takes, thinking only that it must be glamorous and cash-filled.

Recently, I came across a great post by Middle Grade author Caroline Donofrio (who writes under the pen name Caroline Cala), about her first book, BEST BABYSITTERS EVER. She explains the myths (authors earn big money and go on lavish book tours), and also the joys (she named an arcade in one of her books after a friend’s cat), and how long it really takes for books to become real, physical objects.

Take a few minutes to read through “10 Surprising Things I Learned While Writing a Book”, and you’ll understand why those big names get the big tours, and why most of the writing world has no say in what their book covers will look like. It’s a short read–but informative!

CP Writers Required!

We’re going to start up an informal and supportive writing group in November at the Carleton Place Public library! These aren’t workshops or sessions where you’ll have to take notes, but rather, fun meetings that are open to everyone, whether you’re a professional/paid author, or you’re just beginning your writing journey.

Each meeting will be guided along, but it’s all about sharing information, sharing work, and being a good listener. We want to cheer others on, not do hard critiques, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a group that might be more demanding.

No registration is required. Come to the afternoon meetings, or the evening sessions–or come to all of them! We’re excited to add on to the group that is already established here, meet new people, and expand our horizons, so to speak.

You can contact Heidi at the library for more information about the sessions, or just drop by and take part. We hope to see you here!

Dream Big!

We offer young writers programs at the library from time to time, and the one thing we hear quite often is how a young person wants to be a writer when they grow up. It’s wonderful…the excitement a young person gets from reading books turns into a desire to write stories for other people to enjoy.

I came across this fun post on the CBC Kids website that offers up a great list of things a young writer can do to turn that dream into a reality some day. Take a few minutes to read through….especially if you have someone at home that could use some encouragement!

Voice Choice Workshop

The last in our spring writing series for 2017 will be VOICE CHOICE, on Tuesday, May 16th from 6-7pm at the Carleton Place Public Library. We welcome writers from past workshops, and anyone who might be interested in finding out how to find your own writing style.

We’ll cover a broad range of ideas revolving around writing style and choices that you make. Even if you haven’t written much before, but are interested in starting, this workshop will help you discover exactly how to get started.

Registration is open now, so please call 257-2702 for more information, or to sign up. It’s going to be an interesting session.

Creating Great Characters

2We still have a few spaces available tonight in our writing workshop on “Creating Great Characters”. This is the last in our winter series, but we’ll be presenting several more as the months go on.

Give us a call at 257-2702 to put your name on our list. We hope to see you tonight at the library!

Creating Great Characters

2This is the second in our Winter Writing Series, and is for people who are interested in making more out of the characters they’re writing.

Join us on Tuesday, February 21 from 6-7pm for an interesting workshop on how to write great characters into your books or stories. Adults only, please. Registration is a must, so call us at 257-2702, or drop by the library for more information.