March Break Day 5

relaxI often feel like there are moments in life that would be better understood (or absorbed) if there were a book to go along with it. And while I’m sure there are many books that would pair up well with life events, which ones are the best?

Will Schwalbe, author of of the best-selling THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB, takes us through life with a list of new books, and the reasons we read in general.

30211956BOOKS FOR LIVING is really an ode to books, the ones Schwalbe sought out to define moments in his life. Each chapter focuses on a different moment that meant something to him, and one book that he decided would encompass that particular life event. Maybe it reminded him of a certain important person, or a particularly evocative life lesson. His list covers all kinds of books, from classics, to children’s books, and even a cookbook!

What books would be the cornerstones of YOUR life? This is such an interesting question! I feel like so many books made up my childhood, and got me through certain periods that would have been almost unmanageable without them. And yet, in adulthood, the books I read tend to be more for entertainment, and less for life lessons, or comfort. What about you?