How to be a Canadian

While walking by a display shelf at the library this morning, my eye settled on a book that looked perfect for a fun winter read….How to Be a Canadian by Will and Ian Ferguson.

Apparently the idea for this book was given to Will Ferguson (a Canadian author), by another Canadian author, Margaret Atwood while at a party, no less. She’d remembered a funny book from the past called How to Be an Englishman (which was written by a Hungarian), and thought Ferguson would do well to write a similar book about Canada.  Her whole premise revolved around Canadians talking about the weather, but apparently Ferguson thought it was good enough to explore because he set about working on it almost immediately.

The book itself is divided up into short chapters by subject such a : How to Find Canada on a Map, Leisure Activities of Canadians and  Twelve Ways to Say “I’m Sorry” (my personal favourite).  Each one is funnier than the last and true to a point (although you might feel offended by some, many are accurate). Not only would this be a great book to give to someone who truly celebrates being a Canadian, but might also be a fun tongue-in-cheek gift to give to a foreign friend (presuming they’ll understand this is meant to be a joke).

I like the simple chapter summary at the end of each section.  You can flip through this book or read it front to back and still chuckle at every turn.  It’s a light read for anyone looking for something a little different and you’ll be glad you picked it up. You can visit Will Ferguson’s website to find out a little more about this author.