You can’t read that anymore!


I thought I had planned for everything.  I have been married now for almost three months, and after planning for close to two years, I knew there would be some post-wedding withdrawals.  But I had planned for those…..or so I thought.  Since our wedding was in November, I figured that getting ready for Christmas would take up so much time and energy that I wouldn’t even think about wedding things.  And it worked on some levels so I really didn’t have the post-wedding blues like some brides.

And for the new year, I had planned projects.  I have a variety of things that I’ve been wanting to work at, little craft ideas, books I’d like to read and just generally things that would get me back to a normal life (as opposed to the constant researching, planning and crafting that took up the past two years).  And up until a few days ago, things were going well.  I am busy at work during the day and each evening, I find I have lots to do.  But then it happened.

I was leaving a store, blissfully unaware that something was about to happen, when I casually glanced at the magazines near the exit.  My eye instinctively darted to the bridal magazines, as it had for so long, and I spotted my guilty pleasure.  There it was, the beautiful magazine with its glossy cover, all pastels and sweetness, something that I would have been anticipating for weeks, hoping to spot the new issue as the seasons were about to change.  This particular bridal magazine is only issued every few months, but I would read it cover to cover, religiously, taking in all of the new ideas and photos, gleaning something fresh to add to my own wedding with each issue.  This was something I began to anticipate from the moment I became engaged.  And now I can no longer read it.

I’m sure there is no law against buying a bridal magazine once you are married, but in some part of my conscience, it feels wrong to want one.  And really, I don’t care about any of the others, just this one magazine that I came to really enjoy.  So, in all of my planning, no one even bothered to mention that this was something I would no longer need, and so I hadn’t even thought about it until two days ago.  And now I can’t help but feel a little sad.

What if someone said you couldn’t read the latest Nora Roberts or James Patterson anymore?  It wouldn’t feel right. But there it is, the wedding industry just drawing brides in and making us want things that we shouldn’t even care about.

I’m sure I’ll survive and even replace that fixation with something new, but for now I’ll just have to wean myself off this little addiction that I didn’t even realize I had. There should be counselling for brides to help them adjust to their new worlds of non-planning, a 12-step program available online at the very least.  I know I’d sign up today!



Tomorrow is my wedding day!  I am looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family and finally, FINALLY getting a little vacation!  (Okay, so I really am looking forward to marrying my sweetheart as well, of course!)  The blog will be on a little vacation this weekend, but I’m happy to report that my co-worker Shirley will post next week while I’m away.

Thanks to all the wonderful people I work with for understanding my scattered brain these past few weeks.  You’ve all been fantastic!

Google your way around the world!

In our library, we have three dedicated computers that provide internet access. Yes, they are high speed and you can download anything you wish while you are using one. (We have a special program to get rid of everything downloaded at the end of the day so that they start fresh each morning.)

Each computer has the basics….browsers, word programs and a printer. One thing we added this year was Google Earth. We found that a lot of people were asking about it and trying to download it and get it up and running in the brief time they had on the computer was too much for some. So, we installed it on each computer to allow people to do their own searches of our great earth. (Google Earth is responsible for those wonderful maps that you see on television weather reports and other newscasts).

I came across a fabulous blog by a fellow Canadian, Mike Pegg, from Waterloo, Ontario. His blog is called Google Maps Mania and it is full of amazing Google Maps that can be used in a variety of ways. You’ll want to spend a few hours here just going back and forth through the different maps, so don’t start if you don’t have time! It’s addictive!

Start here if you don’t know what to search for:

100 Things to Do with Google Maps Mashups

How about seeing the cloud cover over the world?

Cloud Cover

Or what about walking in a straight line around the world?

Straight Line

I’m going to look at this particular mapping site for my wedding in the fall:

Map Your Wedding

How are YOU using mapping sites? Let us know……

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