In the running…

There are only a few short days left before the elections on October 19th, but you still have time to read a little more about some of the candidates. And wouldn’t you know it, two of the three party leaders have new books out, and the third has one from 2014.


While these books might not sway your vote in one direction, it might be interesting to read more about each of these men who are vying to take/keep control of the reins this fall. Don’t forget, the library is a great place to further your understanding of important political issues, people, and party standings. Drop in to read the daily newspaper to keep abreast of everything happening in our area, or book a computer to surf the web and read current news articles.

And don’t forget to exercise your right to vote on October 19th.

Are You on the List?


Voting Day is not far off. If you live in our community and haven’t received your voting card in the mail yet, you can stop by the library to make sure your name is on the list.

If you’re interested in doing this from home, the Elections Ontario website has a variety of different ways for you to do your own search. You can check to make sure you’re on the list, find out where you vote, and much more. Click this link to get started.

Voting Week!

Yes, it’s that time again.  Forest of Reading® voting week!  Specifically, we’re voting on Thursday, April 18th from 6 – 7 pm, but if you can’t make it that day, feel free to drop by the library anytime this week before then.


The voting list has been posted in the library.  If your name is on it (meaning…you’ve read at least 8 – 10 books & you’ve checked them off in our book), you are eligible to vote.  If you haven’t read enough books (but you’ve read at least 5), you’re invited to the party anyway.

We’ll post the list of winners that our library readers voted for later this week. And in May, we’ll let you know the official winners.  This is going to be exciting!

Get ready to vote!

Forest of Reading® voting night is almost here! We’ve got all the ballots, pencils and voting booths ready for the big night, which is THURSDAY, APRIL 26th from 6-7pm. (That’s THIS Thursday, for anyone who isn’t sure.)

This year, we tried a different category….The Blue Spruce™ Award for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 2.  And what a success! We have almost 17 voters who read all 10 books in this category, which is our best showing ever! (And we may even have more by Thursday night.)

If you’ve read enough books to vote (we expect voters to have 8 books finished), don’t forget, voting starts at 6pm and then we’ll get right into the party! Yes, there will be cake! If your name isn’t on  our list, check with one of us at the front desk. We’ll sort it out!

Until Thursday…..keep reading!

Forest of Reading Voting Day…April 23rd!

forest2009It’s almost here!  The official Forest of Reading 2009 voting day is Thursday, April 23rd.  At the Carleton Place Public Library, we’ll be having an official vote for all of our readers who finished at least 8 books in their category.  Voting takes place at 7pm, followed by a fun party, complete with cake and pop and prizes for those who finished.  We have quite a few readers this year who completed all 10 books on their list and we’re very proud of everyone who read this year.  There were some great books and it will be hard to choose a winner.

Watch this blog for an update on Friday to see who OUR readers picked!


It is the first week of October and we have an election coming up in a few weeks here in Canada. But would you know it?  Maybe not.  We had someone from the US in our library the other day and he asked if we weren’t really interested in our election coming up because he has not seen very many advertisements.  I hadn’t really thought about the difference in the way we cover elections and the way the US covers them, but I have to confess that I probably know more about the upcoming US election than I do about our own Canadian election this time.  Is it just because of the controversy that is surrounding the US candidates and their running mates, or is Canadian politics just less interesting?

So I set out to find out just what is going on in our political ring, since I’ll have to make a decision in a short while.  I began at the Canada Federal Election 2008 webpage and found out all the information about each party, what the candidates are saying and doing, polling results and schedules.  There is even a nifty game where you can take the part of one of the candidates (Harper, Layton, Dion, Duceppe, and May) or insert yourself and run for Prime Minister.  You can try a sample version of the 2008 game on the site or purchase the full version and run the country yourself at TheorySpark.

I popped over to Canadian to find out more about Canadian politics in general.  They have a lot of general information about the Constitution,  how Parliament runs and the court system.  There, I found out that I can actually vote this weekend in an advance poll, if I like, but I’ll have to track down a bit more information first.  There is an interesting change to the vote this year also.  You’ll need your voter’s registration card, of course, but you’ll also need picture ID this year to prove who you are.  If you aren’t registered or haven’t received your card in the mail, someone else who IS registered to vote in your riding can come and vouch for you by bringing their own voting registration and ID.  They’ll put you right on the list.

I wanted to find out more about our local candidates, so I followed a link from Elections Canada to my riding and found information on each candidate running in my area. If you didn’t know, we have a Conservative party, New Democrats, Liberal party, Green party…and even a Marijuana party.

In the US, we are bombarded with musicians, actors and other famous faces prodding everyone to get out and vote, especially youth.  Oprah and Ellen and the women on The View are constantly talking about the election and how they’d like to see young people vote.  There are huge names in entertainment signed on to play at party benefits, such as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel playing for Obama.But where are the people encouraging the youth in Canada to get out and vote?  I personally haven’t seen it happening, and couldn’t we do more to try to get our young voters to the polls?  There is an interesting article about youth in Canada here.

If you’d like books on the political parties and figures in Canada, we have a huge selection from simple election books to biographies of our Prime Minsters.  Pop in and we’ll direct you to the section you’re looking for.  In the meantime, take the time to read about the election, know where everyone stands and make your decision wisely.