Forest of Reading® Voters

We’re getting close to Voting Night for Forest of Reading®, which is Thursday, April 19th from 6-7pm. Only those readers who have read enough books in their category are eligible to vote. Right now, our voting list is short, but the readers list–those who are almost done–is growing. With 3.5 weeks left, there’s still plenty of time to finish, so keep reading!

If you have a young reader at home who you believe should be on the list, make sure to drop into the library to update the book so that I have current lists of finished books for every reader. I can’t put a name on the list if if their checklist in the library is blank.

Happy reading…we’re looking forward to April 19th!


Forest of Reading®

It’s almost here! Forest of Reading® voting night! Everyone who registered for the program is welcome to come to the party, but only those who have read at least 8 books in their category can vote.

So far, we have twenty kids who are eligible to vote in a variety of categories. We’ll have a special voting booth, secret ballots and then we’ll wait for the votes to be tallied up. By the end of the evening, we’ll know exactly which books our readers voted for. Then, we’ll ship off our list of winners and they’ll be added to the winners from other libraries and schools across Ontario.  It’s going to be a fun evening.  We’ll have cake, prizes and take lots of pictures.

If you’re not sure if your young reader can vote, drop by the library to see if they’re on our list. (Don’t forget, the only way we’ll know if they qualify to vote is if they’ve been checking off their books in the binder. If not, come in before next week and we’ll sort it out.  Otherwise, they might miss out!)

See you next Thursday, April 26 from 6 – 7 pm!!

And our winners are……..

Last Thursday night was voting night at the Carleton Place Public Library!  All of our Forest of Reading voters came at 6pm and cast their secret ballot to vote for their favourite books this year. After dropping their ballots into the ballot box, everyone enjoyed a cupcake (or two) and put their name into a draw for a special prize.

After the votes were tallied, here’s a list of the winners at our library this year:

Silver Birch Express:

  100% Pure Fake: Gross Out Your Friends and Family with 25 Great Special Effects! By Lyn Thomas, Cheryl Powers and Boris Zaytsev

Silver Birch Fiction :

Ortega by Maureen Fergus

Silver Birch Non-Fiction:

How to Build Your Own Country by Valerie Wyatt

Red Maple Fiction :

The Agency: A Spy in the House by Y. S. Lee

Red Maple Non-Fiction:

No Girls Allowed by Susan Hughes ad Willow Dawson

It was a very successful program this year with lots of readers finishing at least eight books in order to be able to vote. Although the official rules say they need to finish five books, we’ve found a greater number of people pick the province-wide winners when they read more.  And yes, we had several kids who read all ten books in their category! Congratulations to Emma Graham (Silver Birch Express),  Jeremy Scott (Silver Birch Express), Kalieb Hayes-Steele (Silver Birch Non-Fiction) and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Peyton McClelland who read 20 books this year….10 in Red Maple Fiction and 10 in Red Maple non-fiction!! 

If you have a reader who could not attend, I’ll be contacting them this week so that they can pick up their certificate of achievement and a prize. I’d also like to thank my helpers that night, Elaine and Bronte for doing such a great job handing out the treats and pouring drinks! I couldn’t have done it without you. (Next year is just around the corner, Janet!)

Later this month, I’ll post the “official” winners once they are announced on the Forest of Reading website! Congratulations to all our readers and to the winners as well!

Forest of Reading Voting Night

We’re all prepared for the Forest of Reading vote that’ll take place this week at the Carleton Place Public Library. Our participants have been reading since December and we have tons of voters ready to make their decisions on Thursday night!

Voting begins on Thursday at 6pm.  Anyone who has read 8 books is eligible to vote.  If you can’t make it on Thursday, feel free to drop in earlier in the week and you can cast your ballot then.

During this voting hour on Thursday, once a reader has voted, they are welcome to stay for the party.  We’ll have fun munching on cupcakes while we wait for the results to come in.

We’ll announce our own library’s winners that night, hand out certificates and prizes and even do a special draw for a prize.  While you don’t have to be there to win a prize, it will be too much fun to miss! Stay tuned for the results next week!!

(Shhh….these are some of the prizes and gift bags our readers are going to receive!)