We’re Crafting Tonight!

februaryWe’re really looking forward to tonight! It’s our Valentine’s Craft Night at the library!  While the event registration is full, if you drop by the library tonight, I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of excited kids working on their crafts.

We’ll have plenty of heart-y things to make, a few games, and maybe a treat or two. If your young person missed out on this, don’t fret—we still have ONE MORE craft night coming in April. Happy Valentine’s Day!


It’s Valentine’s Craft Night at the Library!

Untitled design(2)It’s Valentine’s Craft Night at the library….our first craft night of the year! We’re looking forward to having our young friends join us for crafts, games, and treats tonight from 6-7pm.

Our craft nights are always popular, and the spaces have been filled for a while, so make sure to keep an eye on the blog or our Facebook page for future events like this.

What are we making tonight? Check out our Facebook page tomorrow to see the results. I’m sure there will be a red heart, or two.

Valentine’s Craft Night

Once again, it’s Valentine’s Week, and we have lots of fun things planned for the kids!  Tuesday night was Valentine’s Craft Night and lots of young crafters showed up.  We made rings out of pipe cleaners and Hershey’s Kisses….lots of fun.

IMG_4066 IMG_4065

And then crazy little Valentine’s creatures, which I found on Made By Joel. You can print off your own and drop them off to your friends on Thursday…there’s still time!


Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Craft Night

It’s here! For those kids who have signed up for Valentine’s Craft Night…..it’s here, from 7 – 8pm at the library! We’re ready to have lots of fun doing crafts, playing some games and eating treats!

If you haven’t signed up, we’re already full, but keep watching for the next craft night! Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

We’re having a craft night!

It’s coming around again…..craft night at the library!!  We can’t seem to advertise this soon enough for kids, and they always fill up within the first few weeks, so give us a call TODAY if you want to sign up!  Valentine’s Craft night will be  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8th from 7 – 8pm and is only for kids aged 7 – 12!!

We’ll be making LOTS of fun little crafts like the ones you see here, and there will be plenty of treats, games and fun!  Don’t miss out!

Hurry….spaces are REALLY limited!

It’s craft night!

Once again, it’s Valentine’s Craft Night at the Carleton Place Public Library!  We’re expecting 15 crafters to descend upon us at 7pm, so if your child signed up, keep that time in mind.  As usual, our craft nights are VERY popular…..we could have held one each night this week to accommodate all of the eager kids in our area.  Keep that in mind when I announce the next craft night, Easter, which will be coming in April.

Our room is all set with crafts, treats and games and I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun! For one of our crafts, I needed something special.  I can’t tell you how difficult it is at this time of year to purchase mini tootsie pops.  My search through town produced only the full-size ones and I’ll guess they’ll have to do.  We’re making crazy smile and moustache pops tonight.  I’ll try to get a few pictures!

You too can make one of our cardboard tube cupids (as seen in previous posts).  Just stop by Kaboose.com and see what you need.  I’m looking forward to the crazy looking hair on these adorable cupids.  I can only imagine what the kids will dream up.  And if you’d like to make a few of the paper rosettes that are hanging from the ceiling in our meeting room (the middle photo in the middle collection above), grab some coloured paper, some tape and you’ve got pretty decorations that only take minutes.  You can find the how-to and template here.

So, if you’re in the library tonight, expect to hear some laughter and fun happening in the back room!

Valetine’s Craft Night!

Registration is now open for our Valentine’s Craft Night in February!  I can’t believe that we are talking about Valentine’s Day already, but it’s just around the corner.  We’re looking for kids aged 6 – 10 who like to spend a fun evening crafting, eating treats and playing a few games.  Our craft night will be held Tuesday, February 9th from 7 – 8pm.  Please call today to register because spaces are limited and we’re already filling up the list!  This is always a fun event so tell your friends!