Carmel vs. Caramel

I’m not going to say we have this conversation at work often because we eat a lot of candy, but is it pronounced “car-mel” or “caramel”?  The debate is on, and it turns out, it depends on where you live!

This is a great website that strives to show how word pronunciation differs, even just across the US. This is just the carmel/caramel example. Have fun looking through the maps.


Happy 4th of July!

To all of our neighbours to the south, Happy Independence Day! The fourth of July is a time to celebrate, so while everyone is relaxing and enjoying a long weekend, I thought you might like a little trivia about the United States.

Did you know………?

#1) Colorado boasts the largest nugget of silver ever found. It was discovered in 1894 near Aspen and weighed 1840 pounds!

#2) Michigan is the “Cereal Bowl” of America, producing the most cereal in the US in a place called Battle Creek.

#3) If you like to roller skate, Lincoln, Nebraska has the world’s only roller skating museum.

#4) The world’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1935.

#5) The typewriter was invented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1867.

All of these fun facts and more can be found here:

Have a wonderful holiday!