Twiller on Twitter


I haven’t quite come to grips yet with the idea of constantly updating my tag line on Facebook to let my friends know what I am up to each day.  Okay, I must confess that I do enjoy seeing what my friends are up to, how they are feeling that day and so on, but I rarely post anything myself.  Why not?  I’m not trying to keep my privacy, really, I just don’t think enough to do it.  But updating your life online has started to go in a new direction.

There was quite a bit of talk in the news recently about a man who was arrested in Egypt and all he had time to do was send a quick one-line note on Twitter to say he was in trouble.  And sure enough, that was all that was needed for someone to start the process to get him released.  What is Twitter?  Twitter is a free service that lets you update your life as often as you wish.  You just sign in and post whatever is on your mind.  You can see what other people are doing with a random sort of “news” ticker. In fact, it can be fascinating to see what people are saying. Sometimes, there isn’t much going on, and other times, you’ll get a few juicy tidbits about people you will never know, but obviously lead interesting lives. So if Twitter can be useful in times of need, or just for fun, what else can it be used for?

Several authors around the globe are starting to post their novels on twitter…..a word or a line at a time.  They are calling this a “Twiller”. You can sign up to follow someone’s twitter posts exclusively so that you don’t miss out on anything they are saying or doing, so posting a novel online little by little is an interesting concept…..only if your novel is interesting, I’d think.  I’m not sure I’d stick with something that was going to take months, even years to complete, if it was just one boring word after another.  But who knows….maybe this is the new way to write.  We demand everything these days to be instant, as our free time is so short, so reading a novel as it is posted could be just what readers are demanding.  What do you think?

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