Trivia Under the Stars

If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, how about Trivia Under the Stars at the Carleton Place Legion. Book a table, gather your friends, and get ready for an evening of fun!


Trivia, Anyone?

This Friday, a team of librarians and friends will be participating in a Fun-D Raising Trivia Night event at the Army, Navy, Airforce Club to help raise money for the community friendship oven.

Doors open at 7pm, but they’re giving everyone time to get settled, and trivia starts at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $10 per person, and you can round up a team to try and best our info-geniuses at the librarian table. There are 5 rounds, a 50-50 draw…and yes, there will be a cash bar.

If you’re interested in having a fun evening and also raising money for a fun community project, tickets are available now at the Carleton Place Information Centre located at 170 Bridge St.

Get your thinking cap on!

I’ll take “former Game Show Winners” for $1000, Alex.


Like many people, I was glued to the television each night to see Ken Jennings beat contestant after contestant in his 74 episode Jeopardy run.  Okay, so I didn’t watch all 74 games, but I was there for the last few weeks, stunned as we all were that someone could store so much information.  I am still an avid Jeopardy watcher, but I must say, Mr. Jennings was that one special contestant with both brains and some charisma, which is lacking on many of the contestants we see week to week.

I noticed the other day at work that we have the book by Ken Jennings called Brainiac :  Adventures in the curious, competitive, compulsive world of trivia buffs (although we only have it in large print, for some strange reason), which tells the tale of his rise to having the game’s longest winning streak.


I can’t say that I really wondered what he has been up to since his big win, but I came across a site today that had his blog listed as a favourite and I had to stop by to see just what this type of person is writing about.  It is part personal promotion (his book), part family blog (he posts pictures of his kids doing regular cute-kid things or intelligent things like looking at an atlas) and part everyday observation.

Now, I can’t say that I was all too impressed with this blog, although his post on his Not-Ken-Jennings Facebook page was amusing. (It seems not all of us are so enthusiastic to join Facebook with the rest of the world.)  His thoughts on various Lost episodes are not to be read if you haven’t yet seen an episode (note to self…..get caught up!), but he does post interesting weekly(?) trivia challenges as well as fascinating book posts. (His knowledge of books is really amazing.)

So maybe Ken Jennings is just like the rest of us, although with a little more knowledge to flesh out his blog posts.  It puts your own life into perspective when the most important thing a genius can post about in a day is his fascination with a poorly labeled shampoo bottle.

Cereal, cereal, cereal

Froot Loops photo by Zanastardust at Flickr.

Why am I writing about cereal?  I’m not so sure either except that for the past week and a half, “cereal” has been the term most searched for on my blog each day.  Are people just hungry?  Are they spelling the word wrong and hoping to find out about “serial” killers?  Or maybe there is just a great need out there for information about cereal.  I don’t know, but I thought I’d offer up some interesting facts for you about the breakfast food we all love.

Before we started eating cereal in the late 1800’s, we ate mainly eggs and meat for breakfast.  But as we all know, fiber is our friend and cereal was developed as a way for people to get more fiber into their diets.  According to, the first cereals were so dense that they had to be soaked in water or milk for hours before anyone could eat them, so it wasn’t exactly an instant breakfast. The very first cereal was invented by James Caleb Jackson and was called Granula.  I’m sure none of these cereals were made specially for children the way many are today.

We were just talking about Apple Jacks the other day at home, and when I went to the store to see if I could find a box, they were sadly missing.  When did they disappear from the shelves?  Apparently, Post Cereal stopped making them in 2006, although I don’t remember hearing anything about it.  They were recently just added back to the US cereal market after being re-vamped to include more vitamins and minerals.  And that seems to be the way cereals are making a comeback these days…..more vitamins, whole grains, more fiber, and less sugar.   But what about the classics that we remember as kids?  You can relive your childhood here and see just how much your favourite cereal box has changed since you were a kid.

Cereal restaurants are starting to find their way into our culture, especially in cities with large university and college populations.  What is cheaper than cereal?  Not much, and you can eat it any time of day or night and that’s just what places like Cereality are hoping you’ll do.  What is a cereal restaurant?  It is a place that offers both hot and cold name-brand cereals and you are welcome to combine them in any way you like.  Then, just add milk and that’s it!

According to the fun blog called The Breakfast Bowl, 49% of Americans start their day with cereal and the average American eats 160 bowls of cereal each year. Cereal is the third most popular item sold in grocery stores, right behind carbonated beverages and milk. So, we eat a lot of cereal….but can you identify the cereal by a picture of just one piece?  Try this fun quiz over at AOL Food and see just how good you are.(I only scored 12 out of 20….what did you get?)  Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is a HUGE cereal fan!  He often had 15 or more types of cereal boxes on the shelves in his apartment in the television show Seinfeld!

How about a cookbook with recipes that go beyond Rice Crispie Squares?  We have a fun cookbook called “Beyond the Breakfast Bowl : The Cereal Lover’s Ultimate Cookbook” by Debby Maugans.  Maybe you’ll find a new favourite recipe!

So, I’m hoping this satisfies those people looking for information on cereal, and for those who just enjoy eating it.

Happy 4th of July!

To all of our neighbours to the south, Happy Independence Day! The fourth of July is a time to celebrate, so while everyone is relaxing and enjoying a long weekend, I thought you might like a little trivia about the United States.

Did you know………?

#1) Colorado boasts the largest nugget of silver ever found. It was discovered in 1894 near Aspen and weighed 1840 pounds!

#2) Michigan is the “Cereal Bowl” of America, producing the most cereal in the US in a place called Battle Creek.

#3) If you like to roller skate, Lincoln, Nebraska has the world’s only roller skating museum.

#4) The world’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1935.

#5) The typewriter was invented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1867.

All of these fun facts and more can be found here:

Have a wonderful holiday!