Are You Going to Travel?

Our summer theme this year is GO!  Since the warmer months are a great time for people to take off on car trips, or even off to more lofty destinations, I thought you might like to know about a great new way to chronicle your trip.

Tripographer combines our love of vacation photos with our obsession to share with our friends.



Even if you just have a “staycation”, this is a fun way to make your photos stand out.  Once you upload and edit, connect the photos as a slideshow, add a Google Street View option and share with your friends on all your favourite social media sites!


Travel to a book!

At the beginning of our lives, many of us grow to love books. The stories often take place in magical settings or simply places we’ve never been and so seem magical to little readers. I came across a wonderful blog post about popular children’s books and the places that inspired them.  The comments below the article are just as interesting, with a small argument going on about the origins of Winnie the Pooh.


Just click on the link above, or on the picture to go to the site and read more. A fun way to waste a few minutes!

Travel on Frivolous Friday

The March Break is over, but people are starting to think about summer travel.  With all of the restrictions, it’s hard to figure out just what you can take on the plane with you and avoid a mass opening of each item.  So, to counter all of this travel woe, an online company called 3Floz has taken the guesswork out of your travel supplies.  They provide an extensive array of products for your hair, face and body, all neatly packaged in simple 3 ounce containers.  Each product is larger than a sample size, but would also be great for someone who just doesn’t want to spend money on a full-size product they’ve never tried. The great thing about this site is that they are willing to ship to your home, or right to your hotel! Great for people who have lost their luggage or had items taken from them during boarding.

So, don’t let those travel restrictions get you down anymore!



I thought I’d heard everything until I came across this idea of a new way for your pets to travel.  Many of my co-workers have pets, although I don’t think any of them would go so far as to use this form of travel, but there must be a need for it.  On regular airlines, if you are traveling with a pet, they must be checked in with your baggage and they end up making the trip with the rest of the cargo while you worry about them up in your comfort class seat.

A new airline called PetAirways does it very differently.  You check in with your pet at the airport at their special booth and the pet is loaded onto a plane with other animals.  The best part is that they all sit up in the passenger area, not down below, and they are taken for regular bathroom breaks so that they are comfortable.  The plane then takes off and meets you at your destination, where your pet will be walked and then will meet you at the gate.  You can even track the progress of the flight or make arrangements for your pet to have accommodation overnight if you cannot pick him up right away.  Luxury.

Of course, if you are just thinking of getting a pet, we have a huge assortment of books on the subject from ferrets to dogs to salamanders.  We also have a wonderful travel section that is sure to spark your imagination.  So, if you have the wanderlust and you just can’t bear to leave Fluffy at home, take a look at PetAirways as an alternative.

It does make me wonder, in this world of excessive air quality problems and the fact that we are all trying to be a little more environmentally friendly, how anyone could justify an entire plane…..just for animals.  What do you think?

Jennifer and the Land of Nod

Whenever we have a children’s event at the Carleton Place Public Library, I like to call the Carleton Place Canadian to see if we can get a bit of local newspaper coverage.  Over the past year,  developed a great connection with a super photographer, Jennifer, at the paper.  It was easy enough to contact her and she was sure to show up at our event and take pictures.  And we were lucky enough to grace the newspaper several times recently.

I just read a few weeks back that she was leaving the paper though to go on a trip of her dreams….to drive across North America, I believe. (Sorry, Jennifer, if this doesn’t encapsulate your trip exactly.)  So I was sad to read that she was leaving the area, but happy for her to follow her bliss. She is going to chronicle her trip on her own blog called Land of Nod and you can read her first few entries if you follow the link.

Good luck, Jennifer and have a great trip!

The funkiest library around!


Vanity Fair magazine is always up on the latest fashions and world happenings.  I am never sure what to think of this magazine, which is a mixture of fashion, beauty and models but always has page after page of interesting and informative articles relating to world events or hot topics.  In the April 11, 2008 issue, their travel writer, Victoria Mather let the world in on her favourite library ever.  (The beautiful photos were taken by Barbara Kraft.)

carlisle_bay_536x250_lib2Carlisle Bay Antigua is a luxury resort that sports its own library for the many guests that travel through.  But it isn’t just any library with dog-eared copies of dusty beach reads. This library has fiber optic lighting which changes colour throughout the evening and sports the top ten beach reads of the moment.  And what happens when a book is well read?  They pop in a new copy so that their guests can read fresh pages and have crisp spines on their books.  You can visit their site here.

Now that is luxury!

Seeing is Experiencing?

We have many patrons that are visually impaired.  When you think of a library, you don’t readily think of people who cannot see.  There are books in braille, of course, but we don’t really carry them in our library, although I’m sure that we could order some in if necessary on loan from another library.  We have many patrons that order books on tape or CD so that they don’t have to forgo their reading experience, and it seems to work very well.

Recently, at a children’s librarian meeting, another librarian was showing us some new books that she had just purchased for her library.  One of them was “The Black Book of Color”  by Menena Cotin and Rosana Faria.  It is a fabulous and creative children’s book which includes braille for the text as well as pictures that are textured so that visually impaired children can also enjoy the book.  The most interesting thing about it is that every page is completely black!  This would be a really fascinating book to almost any child, whether they can see or not.  The option of touching each page is very exciting.  You can see more of this book here.

Since I am getting ready for a vacation myself in a few weeks, I came across a fascinating article about visually impaired people and travel.  What is the one thing that we all do on vacation?  We take go sight-seeing and take photos.  But sight-impaired people just don’t have that luxury, so what is the option?  Of course, there are many tour companies now which cater exclusively to the blind, encouraging them to experience a place through sound, smell and touch.  The article that spawned this idea can be found here

Even though we might not be aware of all of the services that are available to seeing-impaired people, when we do come across something we hadn’t thought of before, it is wonderful to think that there really are so many things that can not only make their lives easier, but much more enjoyable.