Are YOU on the list?

Once again, Time Magazine has brought out its list of the Top 100 Most Influential People of 2015. Not only is the list interesting, but the pairing of the writers who put together the pieces on each individual is often inspired. There are actors, politicians, singers, artists, activists, scientists and more.

time100covergrid-finalThese people are not necessarily the most well-liked people in the world (Kanye West appears, as does his wife, Kim Kardashian West), but they are certainly the people who shape the world just by being who they are. Controversy might be seen as a negative, but it makes people talk about someone and what they stand for, and that’s influence.

Take a few minutes to drop by the site and see everyone on the list. The blurb about each person on the list is fascinating, and many are accompanied by a video. Of course, you can read the entire article in this week’s issue of Time magazine.

The covers, photographed by Sebastian Kim, can be found right here.


Ringly, Witricity & the Selfie Stick

Today, our Frivolous Friday post aims to make your life better in some way! If you have no idea what any of those words in the title of this blog post mean, you’re not alone.  But some people are already well-versed in their usage. They are three of what Time Magazine is calling “The 25 Best Inventions of 2014”.  And yes, that means you should know about them.


Each year, the people at Time put together their lists to keep the rest of the world up to date. And this year, many of the inventions are apps. Download to your phone, or use them on your iPad and your life is sure to be better, from an app that uses a small clip attached to your shirt to sense whether your posture is correct, to a ring that not only looks good, but buzzes to let you know you’ve received an important text or email on your phone in your purse.

Many of the items on the list will help make your life easier, but there are also some here that strive to improve not only quality of life, but solve a major problem. (All right, so the Selfie Stick doesn’t really solve a major problem, but it will make taking those candid shots a lot easier, especially if you happen to have short arms. #firstworldproblem)

If you have a few minutes, take a look through the list. It’s fun, and you might find a few things to get that special person for Christmas. Happy surfing!



Is Anything Missing?

Time Magazine recently listed their Top 12 All-Time Great Summer Reads. It includes books from the last 40 summers. Some are expected, some are debatable. Which ones do you agree with and are there any great summer reads that you think are missing?

“What defines a summer read? To us, it’s the kind of buzzed-about book that seems to flourish in warmer months, equally ubiquitous on beaches and in subway cars.” Editors at Time
harryPhoto courtesy of Scholastic

Do you do Twitter?

I have to admit, I don’t keep up on my personal Twitter account or the library account as much as I should.  I’m just not really into the whole tweet thing, I guess. But maybe it has to do with the tweets I’ve been following.  When celebrities tell you what they ate for dinner or tweet pictures of themselves doing something unusually boring, why would people want to continue to follow? Twitter is a great idea as a whole…a place to post a short 140 character spotlight into your life. People have written books through Twitter posts, made pleas for safety when they’ve been stranded after a disaster and even called for help from prison.  The idea that you can talk directly with heads of state, celebrities, authors or even famous chefs is exciting and has made the world a smaller place. (Lately, the escaped cobra from the Bronx Zoo even has his own twitter link which is pretty funny!)

My friend Larry at Fire Wire posted a great link to Time Magazine’s  Top 140 Twitter Feeds! It has everything from famous movie stars, to my favourite coffee place Starbucks, to fictional characters like Homer Simpson. Keep in mind that not everyone who has a Twitter account actually posts their own tweets (case in point, recently a newish celebrity who shall not be named, had handlers posting tweets for her to make her life seem more substantial.  Now her account is closed.)  and sometimes, you’ll wish you hadn’t “followed” someone.

There are some interesting people on this list with tweets like:

“To Cornell today, looking forward.. last time I was there was years ago.They have a great bird lab…”  Margaret Atwood, Mar 29

“It’s almost time for the Royal Wedding. I still haven’t gotten my invitation. But I did get a refrigerator.”  Ellen DeGeneres, Mar 30

“For a species intelligent enough to put someone on the moon you’d think we’d have figured out a way to make cake good for you by now.” Lord Voldemort, Feb 15

Take a little while and read through the list.  Will it change your mind and get you to tweet?  You can always follow us and I’ll promise to tweet more often.

Looking for a six-figure job?


In these tough economic times, many people are finding it difficult to make a living.  But what about all those people in top positions who are losing their jobs due to downsizing or other financial cutbacks?  If you are used to a six-figure salary, it would be difficult to settle for a position at your local box store where you might earn minimum wage.  So how do these top earners cope with trying to find a new job?

Recently a Time magazine article brought about this interesting (although not very sympathetic) topic regarding six-figure earners now looking for new jobs.  Just like the rest of us, getting and keeping a job can be really difficult, especially when the top paying jobs are usually the first ones to be cut in order to save money for the company.  But just as we all need to follow a few rules when job hunting,  people used to higher wages may have to follow some new ideas in order to land another job.  And are the six-figure positions still out there?  According to Time, they are, but they are hard to find and even harder to land with all of the competition.  Here’s how you can put yourself on the top of the hiring pile if you find yourself in this situation:

#1.  Job recruiters have much more to look at than in previous years, so don’t expect to be hired right away. You’ll need to stand out from the crowd, and if possible, have VERY current abilities.  Take the time to research your market before applying anywhere and update any skills you might need.

#2.  Make your resume sound current.  Even though you might have all the proper requirements for a position, if you don’t know the current jargon for your market, you might be passed over in favor of someone who knows the keywords.  Don’t take them for granted; employers will scan a resume for keywords and discard the rest, even if someone is more qualified.

#3.  Get professional help writing your resume.  This may seem a waste of time and money, but professional resume writers and career coaches can really make a difference in how someone views your resume.  You wouldn’t let just anyone write an advertisement for your company, so why not hire a professional to market the most important thing you have : yourself!

#4.  Be flexible.  I once had a friend say that she was so overqualified  for a teaching position that they wouldn’t hire her.  This probably wasn’t the case, but her own self-importance might have made a difference in the interview.  Don’t feel as though taking a job that might have been below your former position is a bad thing.  Often, your skills are still very valuable to a company, and the older you get, the less likely you’ll be in a position for the next 20 years anyway.

#5.  Network, network, network!  And don’t be afraid to network digitally in this day and age.  You might want to try LinkedIn, which is a professional networking site whose members’ average household income is about $100,000.  There is a job search feature on the site and you can post your own information so people can find you.

You can read more about this topic in Jeremy Caplan’s Time Magazine article here. Of course, we also have many resume writing books available at the library if you are interesting in updating or improving your own resume.