Get Baking!

If you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off show, we have a new book at the library! THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF : GET BAKING FOR FRIENDS & FAMILY is a wonderful collection of all of the sweet treats you see them baking on the program, plus many more.

Someone I follow on social media has been doing a British Bake Off Challenge—she picks a recipe from the show and challenges herself to bake it for her family. Sometimes, the recipes are great, sometimes not. But the biggest thing she seems to take from it is trying something new. Plus, it’s a great weekly feature for her to keep followers coming back to see what she’s making next. I’m sure she’d love this new book!

The pages are filled with detailed instructions, and each recipe has a nice full-page colour photo. There’s everything from simple muffins to complex layered cakes and sweet pavlovas. And each recipe is designed as something special to make on those big occasions like birthdays, holidays, and oh, Thursdays.

You can pop into the library to get this book, or reserve it online and pick it up at a later date. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it! (And so will the people you feed!)