We’re Going to the Museum!

On Thursday, we’re heading over to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum for a fun trip!  There are still a few spaces left, so call us to sign up before Thursday. We’ll meet at the Museum and take a fun tour before heading upstairs for a craft.  The girls always have a great afternoon planned for us and we’re really excited to be able to go again this year.

If you don’t already follow them on Facebook, you should check out the link to the Museum page!  They always post fun items and usually have a bit of a mystery picture on the go. As for us, we’re charging up the camera and looking forward to meeting everyone there!

Looking for things to do with the kids? Come to the library!

It’s August and that means we’re part way through the official summer holiday.  That also means there are about 30 more days to find things for your kids to do. If you dropped them off for a program or two during July, don’t forget, we still have LOTS going on in the month of August! We have programs for different ages running each day (check out the schedule on the side of this blog), such as our Going Green event today! Can you guess what it’s about? (Hint, hint….it’s not just about recycling….see the photos below).

We’re especially looking forward to our trip to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum on Thursday, August 9th. There are still some spaces left for kids aged 6 – 10, so call us right now to sign up! (257-2702)  There will be a great tour (always fascinating) and a craft and I tell you, the kids won’t want to leave. We’ll be meeting everyone over there before 1pm, so make sure to ask us for directions if you’ve never been to the museum.

If you haven’t seen the fabulous Grand Prize for the TD Summer Reading Program, drop in and follow the path to the window.  We won’t be drawing for this until September, but if your kids are reading for the program, this is just ONE of the great things they could win!  Of course, the more they read, the more chances they’ll have at winning!

If you know someone playing our FABULOUS Book Buck Bingo this summer (and SO many kids are doing it, we’re thrilled!), the first week to spend some or all of those Book Bucks is the week of August 20 – 25.  That’s right, six exciting days to bring in the book books and choose some great items. We’ll give you a bit of a teaser on that soon, but believe me, this is going to be the talk of the summer!

Our super Agent G., the gnomebrarian who has joined us this summer to help with the summer reading program, is thrilled with his reading wall!  It sure has filled up quickly! He’s thinking of installing more shelves. Keep in mind, each book on the shelf represents 3 books that a child read this summer. As of last week, we were at over 650 books, and we still have a month to go!So, if you’re still looking for something to do with the kids, book one of our public computers and drop them off for an hour, or send them in to find a few great books to read. There’s nothing better than a lazy August afternoon spent reading!

Our Grand Prize is ready!

It’s August 1st, and this morning, our grand prize for the TD Summer Reading Program 2012 at the Carleton Place Public Library, is out on display!! What will one lucky reader win?  Well, it’s a VERY large basket filled with treats of all kinds.  I won’t give anything away, but there are books, toys, games, candy and much, much more inside. 

The prize draws will take place the first week of September, so there’s still plenty of time for the kids to read. And don’t worry….there are LOTS of other prizes to be won.  It’s going to be  exciting!

So far, no gnomes….

We have a box at the ready so kids can suggest a great book for Agent G., our resident Gnomebrarian, to read this summer. The box has been filling up with a variety of suggestions, from The Hunger Games to Fancy Nancy.  So far, none of the books contain gnomes, but we’re still hopeful.

Love the sad gnome picture on the bottom of this suggestion!

It’s the Carleton Place Library Olympics!

While many of the world’s athletes are already on their way to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, we had a host of young local “athletes” attend our Olympic Days at the library. Armed with lots of sunscreen, bottles of water and a host of fun games, they ventured out in the park behind the library and competed in events.  (Our own Agent G. made up part of the cheering crowd. They weren’t taking part in trampoline, so he couldn’t participate, but boy, did he have fun!)

Our kids formed teams and played for fun prizes. The sweat was pouring as the competing “countries” tried their hardest to win Gold!

In the end, everyone came back into the air conditioned building, enjoyed some freezies and cold drinks and showed off their medals.  Okay, and they played freeze dance a  few times, to0! Wouldn’t be a summer library program without Freeze Dance!

Go Canada!

We’re all MAD!

No, we’re not really mad, but yesterday was Mad Science Day and we had lots of little scientists join us for a fun hour of experiments in good, color and much more!

Even though we could barely hear over the roar of our first rainstorm in about a month, the kids had a great time. They left with bags of goo and a fun, creepy mad scientist of their own!

Even though the lights went out, they continued to toil in the makeshift laboratory. Dedicated little scientists, they were!   Just another fun day at the library……