And Now We Have Couches!

A few weeks back, we debuted our cute red chair…and addition to the children’s area of the library. This week, we now have couches!  They’re comfy and spacious, and anyone can use them…not just children.  If you’re looking for a nice place to sit and read when you come to the library, check out the children’s area!


Of course, this makeover is due to the very generous prize we won for placing 2nd in the TD Summer Reading Club in 2012! We have plenty more in store for our little facelift, so keep coming to the library. You never know what we might be doing next!

Book Bucks Galore!

Another summer reading program is officially over!  Yes, we just finished the Book Bucks Week #2 and boy, was it successful! 

This was the second summer we ran the program, but this year, it was a little different. Since kids in grades 5 and up aren’t really into posters and stickers anymore, we decided we wanted something for them to stay focused and keep reading all summer long.  And of course, if they had a few rewards along the way, all the better!  So, they started out with a blank Book Buck Bingo card and began reading.

Some readers chose books based on things they would normally read anyway and just supplemented their reading with a few ideas from the bingo card.  Others chose books exclusively that would get them a book buck once they finished reading. The more they read, the more book bucks they could collect to spend later.

The Book Buck Bingo card contained squares that would allow readers to choose things they liked, but to read different genres or authors this summer. There were squares such as “Read a book by a dead author” and “Re-read a book you loved”. We heard so many great stories from this—like the girl who took home a cookbook ( “Read a book from the adult section”) and made a fabulous dinner for her entire family, having never really cooked before! Did we start a chef on the path?

To complete a card, the kids had to read 24 books, all from different genres & parts of the library. Overall, we had 8 readers finish their cards, which is absolutely fabulous considering each book ran anywhere from 100-300 pages.  That’s a lot of reading! And once they collected some book bucks, they kept them and brought them in to spend on some fabulous items in our special Book Buck Sale window! Don’t these girls look happy?

Overall, our tweens and teens read over 300 books this summer.  We can’t wait to expand this program next year! Congratulations everyone!


This week, we drew for all the prizes in our TD Summer Reading Program wrap-up! We had over 70 prizes to give away, all generously donated by local businesses such as the Bulk Barn, A&W, the TD Bank, McDonald’s and more. We had one very special Grand Prize, consisting of an extremely large gift basket full of great items and we were thrilled it went to such a super reader! Congratulations, Abby!

We were also thrilled that Agent G. is going home with a special family and a certain sweet little girl who will no doubt take good care of him. We hope she’ll bring him by for a visit every so often!

Now, we’re emptying out the office as kids come in to pick up their prizes.  It’ll be nice to have a bit more floor space soon. But we certainly had fun this summer!

Tomorrow’s the BIG DAY!!

Yes, kiddies, tomorrow is the day you’ve been waiting for all summer!  We’re drawing for the TD Summer Reading program Grand Prize (and of course, all the other prizes, too)!  You don’t have to be at the library to win…we’ll call you if we draw your name. What’s up for grabs?  Plenty of great prizes, including this gift basket jammed packed with fun items, and even our very own Agent G. will go home with someone special. Do you feel lucky?

From Zero to One Thousand

At the beginning of the summer, our gnome started with empty forest bookshelves.  Here we are, almost at the end of the summer, and the shelves are full to bursting!  Each book represents three books read, so we’re well over 1000 books read and still counting!  Our young readers have had a fabulous time trying to collect at 9 stickers and earn ballots for the prizes. And next week, we’ll draw for the Grand Prize and all the other prizes, so it’s going to be fun!  (Of  course, the kids can continue reading until the end of September to collect all their stickers…there just won’t be any more prizes.) And Agent G. will go to his new home.  We’re going to miss him, but we hope he’ll enjoy his new family and continue on his fun journey in Carleton Place!

July 1, 2012

August 27, 2012

It’s almost here…..

That’s right…it’s almost here….spend your Book Bucks Week!!  For everyone collecting Book Bucks, the secret window is FILLED with fun prizes.  You can drop in next week anytime and spend some, all or even just one Book Buck.  Don’t worry…there will be another week in September to spend again!

What could possibly be behind the question marks?????