Just what is this?

We’re getting ready!  Next week, we’ll draw for prizes for the TD Summer Reading Program!  And these are the bags and boxes lining our office floor, stocked with goodies for all the names we’ll draw.  The kids have been reading and putting their ballots into the shark’s mouth all summer in hopes of winning the Grand Prize…..or one of these great prizes! Thank you to all of our generous prize donors…..Bulk Barn, Giant Tiger, The Lions Club, A & W, and The TD Bank!

Who’ll win?  We’ll know next week. Good luck everyone!

Is it time to spend our book bucks???

We’ve been fielding questions for the last few weeks about book bucks.  Our teens have been collecting book bucks this summer…one for every four books read, and while we had one week in August to spend them, many people chose to wait until September.  Now that they have a pocket full of the little blue bucks, they’re eager to spend them!

I’m excited to announce that September 12 – 17 is BOOK BUCKS WEEK!!! Drop by anytime and pick out a few fun things from the prize window.  There will be plenty of items from $1 – $7, but don’t wait too long!  They’ll go fast! (Don’t worry….we’ll have lots for everyone, I promise!) 

Doesn’t this say it all?

After a fun and hot hour of Water Games day…..sometimes, you just need to dunk your head!

Tomorrow is Beach Day….so call and sign up if you haven’t done so already.  There are a few spaces left! (No, we’re not going to the beach, but it’ll still be fun!)

A whale of a tale!

Our official documents have arrived!  We’ve adopted TAB, a humpback whale! We received a nice little package in the mail today with all sorts of interesting things about our whale and the Brier Island Whale research project.

It seems that our newest addition has been spotted already this summer, but a little further south, just off Bar Harbor, Maine. They even sent us a detailed listing of each spotting…since 1981.

Along with a newsletter about the 2010 season, we received information on all types of whales and a special sheet just about TAB and his antics. You can stop in and see more in the whale window!

It’s our Grand Prize!

Every summer, we’re lucky enough to be able to provide tons of small prizes to our eager readers during the TD Summer Reading Program.  And for the past few years, we’ve also given out one BIG grand prize….a basket filled with tons of goodies!  There will be plenty of surprises, but there are books, toys, games, treats and MUCH more all tucked away inside this great basket.

Wouldn’t YOU like to win this?

As the kids read three books, they’ll get another ballot for the great prizes and everyone is eligible to win this grand prize…not just those who finish 30 books. We’ll make the draw in early September.

So, keep reading, keep collecting those ballots and hopefully, the name we draw will be yours!

We had a sleepover!

It was a fun Friday night at the library when a group of stuffed animals stopped in for a sleepover.  The weather was sweltering outside, but we had fun inside the cool library.  Here’s a picture of everyone before the fun really started!

Right away, some of the animals wanted to play on the kids computer.  There are so many fun games that they had trouble choosing!  Looks like Scottie  got those headphones before anyone else could listen!

But of course, no one could resist picking out a movie to watch, either! I don’t know, but I think  Frankie was trying to talk Bearden and Neighble into watching a horror movie!!!  What would their owners think!  We quickly picked something else so no one would have nightmares!

While we had our backs turned, that crazy guy Elliott got himself into a tight spot. How did he climb up there anyway??

Rosemary got the ladder and tried to get him down….

Neighble, Bearden and some of the others watched in fear!

We had no choice but to call in the Fire Department!  Thanks to Mr. Black for coming to Elliott’s rescue!!

But meanwhile……….

Scottie and Avery were getting up to all sorts at the photocopier!  And just what were they making copies of???

Finally, everyone was so hungry, we decided to order a pizza! Bearden and Neighble got right on the phone!

And everyone had a slice or two.  Don’t forget the pop! After dinner, we decided to play a game of hide and seek….everyone did a GREAT job of hiding!

And hey…is that Scottie on the surfboard??  Hang ten, man!

Where’s Piggie?  Everyone looked for him!

Wait…..there’s Piggie!

Before it was time to sleep, we all enjoyed a bedtime story. Rosemary read us one of her favourites!

And then we tucked everyone into bed, gave them lots of kisses and turned down the library lights………..

But wait……where’s that crazy Elloitt again??

Night night everyone! Hope you all had a great time!