Ontario Library Association Super Conference!

10394465_816745985028066_3840191653214263254_nWe just got back from the 2015 Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto, and what a success it was! We heard authors speak, learned about new library initiatives, gained some program ideas, listened to guest speakers, and networked with other library staff from all across the province. Oh, and we had a bit of fun along the way, too!

10923282_816743921694939_1541340005862328297_nIt might be hard to imagine thousands of librarians in one place, but the OLA Super Conference is anything but glasses, shushing and Dewey Decimal talk. It’s an amazing mix of cultures, ages and ideas. This is an opportunity for library staff, board members and others associated with libraries to attend workshops geared toward things we need to know, want to know and never even knew we wanted to know!

10487339_817061101663221_5002178972509480186_nThe Super Conference took place from January 28-31 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. During that time, there was also an enormous library Expo which showcased a variety of library software, furniture, supplies, technology and much more geared toward all types of libraries. It gave us an opportunity to talk with industry professionals to see what’s coming for libraries in the future, and what’s available to make our libraries even better right now. Along with vendors, there were many author signings, and even a visit from Pete the Cat! I know I came away from there with an armload of posters, books, bookmarks, and information I could barely carry home. How exciting!

1798570_817069311662400_8982035548248608023_nThe information sessions were given by librarians, and other professionals who are experts on their subjects. I attended some fascinating sessions relating to Maker Spaces in libraries, reading suggestions for kids and teens, social media in libraries and the Forest of Reading. There were sessions geared toward creativity, management and library design, as well as so much more. Most of us attended a fascinating talk given by Sassy Magazine editor Jane Pratt, and the poster sessions which showcased exciting programs being used in libraries were also very well attended.

We’ll try to do a more in-depth discussion about a few of the sessions we attended, but for now, we’re back at work catching up on everything that happened right here in Carleton Place last week. Don’t worry, though, we came away with plenty of great ideas to make our library even better!


It’s Almost Time for OLA Super Conference!



Okay, so Super Conference 2015 is more than a month away, but you can bet that librarians all over Ontario are already gearing up for it. It’s going to be a really interesting one this year, too, with a new schedule and lots of interesting speakers and attendees. It follows our TD Summer Reading Club® theme of maker culture, and will center around the idea “Think It, Do It.” Libraries are all about being creative and working toward new ways of doing things, so this conference should be filled with all sorts of great inspiration.

Not only will there be fascinating workshops to help us do more in our libraries, but we’ll have a chance to talk with library staff from all across Ontario to see what they’re doing and maybe make a few new connections. Super Conference also gives us a chance to see vendors and new products, as well as purchase books and (hopefully) meet some of our favourite authors. I’m looking forward to standing in lines to get a few good books signed, I can tell you that!

Right now, we’re pouring through the events program trying to pick out which sessions we want to attend from “Differing Approaches to Makerspaces”, to “Spine Tingling, Hair Raising, Bone Chilling Horror for Teens”, to “Digital Literacy for Babes and Boomers: What Can a Public Library Do?”.  As you can see, there are programs for improving the library space, to book recommendations, to the challenges of managing a public library. It’s difficult to decide what to pick, and sometimes, it depends on when the sessions are offered. Conflicting schedules are the norm!

Once we return, we’re usually pretty fired up about all the exciting ideas presented during the conference, and we’ll start trying to implement things as soon as possible. If you want to know more about the Super Conference 2015, you can visit this link. Take a look around. We might even decide to live blog or Tweet about a session when the time comes. It’s going to be SUPER!