RYNESTONE is coming!

rynestone.jpgWe’re excited to announce that the mesmerizing magic of entertainer RYNESTONE will be our big event of the summer, taking place Thursday, July 21st at 10am.

Join us at the Carleton Place Town Hall Auditorium for this fun family event, perfect for ages 4 and up. Tickets are on sale now at the library for $3 each (children and adults), and will be available at the door on the day of the event for $4 each. As this will be a really popular event, save yourself some money and grief, and get your tickets early.

You can call us for more information at the Carleton Place Public Library at 257-2702, or drop by to pick up tickets anytime we’re open. Please see our website for more details on library hours etc.

Yes…the summer is going to be WILD!


Une Heure de Conte en Francais!

French Storytime SummerIt’s going to be a fun summer, and we’re excited to announce our weekly storytime, en Francais. “Une Heure de Conte en Francais” will begin on Friday, July 10th, and run through to Friday, August 14th. Each session will begin at 10:30am, and we’ll read stories, sing songs, and do a simple craft. There will be plenty of time for everyone to choose books to take home, too!

No registration required, so mark Fridays on your calendar for the summer.

She is fearless!

We like to have fun at the library. And a big part of that has been our summer student, Emma, and her creative talents that keep our young patrons happy and coming back for programs. So this week, we thought we’d challenge her to a little bit of crazy we’re calling the first ever “Carleton Place Public Library Great Scavenger Hunt for Emma!” 

She has a list of items to try to complete this week, and so far, she’s done such an amazing job, I’m wondering why we haven’t done this in the past!

First up this week, she created a Twitter account for a sparkly stapler that gets a lot of attention at the library. If you tweet, give it a follow. It’ll be fun, I’m sure!


Next, she was challenged to create a stained glass window craft (because she’s so crafty with the kids!), that featured a character either from THE LORD OF THE RINGS, or ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.  We came into work and found this lovely taped to the window!


But the topper on Monday was her challenge to drive through the local Tim Hortons to pick up some timbits for the library. Sounds easy, right?  Not even close!  Her challenge was to order in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet, and she’d get bonus points if it rhymed. She even managed to get her brother to help, giving him the cinematography credit on this great video. Check out this great link to watch the video, and be ready to laugh!

It’s going to be a fun week. Keep an eye on our Facebook page if you want to see more!



Oh, that Dial-Up!

This past weekend, I was having a discussion with a couple of our high school aged pages.  They were talking about a movie that was released several years back, and how there was questionable content in it. One of the girls mentioned that when she asked her mother about it, her mom made up some “gentle” story to explain it, as she felt her daughter wasn’t quite ready for the full truth at that time (yes, it was about sexuality).

“I could have just Googled it,”  she said. “I don’t know why my Mom didn’t think of that.”

To which the other page replied, “I couldn’t have done that. We only had dial-up internet then!”

The girls both rolled their eyes and commiserated over how awful that old dial-up was.

I turned to them and said,  “When I was your age, if I wanted to know about something, I would have had to come down to the library, get a librarian to help me find a book on it, and then read that book. If there happened to be one.”

*cue the sound of crickets here and blank stares*

Ahhh….before the internet.

Book Buck Bingo a Hit!

This is the second year we’re playing “Book Buck Bingo” at the library. Young readers in Grades 5 and up are pushing through the bingo card, trying to accomplish things on the squares in order to earn some library Book Bucks. And so far, they’re doing great!  Plus (and even though this wasn’t intended), we seem to be reaping a few of the rewards, especially from the “Read a Cookbook and make a recipe” square!

20130709_145916First, we got some delicious shortbread cookies from the wonderful Emma. Mmm…they didn’t last long!  And on Thursday, we received this amazing looking jar of fresh strawberry jam, made by sweethearts Hannah and Emily.  A good excuse to make some scones to go with it?


And a few hours later, more of our favourite sweeties brought in homemade chocolate chip cake and chocolate fudge. Okay, so the fudge didn’t last long enough  for a photo, but trust me, it was delicious!

cakeWe’re also thoroughly enjoying the book reviews, author research and graphic novel representations the kids are dropping off in order to earn their book bucks.



The reviews so far from parents are also fabulous!  So many people have commented on the fact that their kids are engaged, reading different things, and not complaining about having to research an author. We love the fact that they’re not afraid to explore new areas of the library they probably wouldn’t normally visit and hopefully, find some new favourite authors. If the incentive to get a few Book Bucks to spend on great prizes is all they need, so be it! Bring on the fun!

We’re Ready to Go!

The summer calendars are ready to pick up at the library this morning!  We’ve got all kinds of fun things planned for this summer…for all ages!  You should really drop by to pick one up because they’re full of information about what’s happening this summer, but you can print one of these at home, if you like. (They’re pretty, but just a mere shell of the real thing!)

July Calander JPEG

August Calander JPEG

There are plenty of events happening each week. Registration is required for ALL programs, and you can call us to sign up one week ahead for each program. (Spaces are limited, so don’t forget to call!) Since the theme this summer is GO!, we’ve got adventure, travel, exploration and all sorts of other go-related things happening.

There are two special events this summer….a visit to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum in July, and Yvette and her Puppet Friends in August. The puppet show will require tickets, which will go on sale July 2nd. They’re $3 each at the library in advance and will be available for $4 at the door.  This is a family show, so all ages are invited!

We also have two reading programs going on all summer. The regular TD Summer Reading program is for ages 0 – 12, with booklets, passports and stickers to collect.  All the kids have to do is come in to register, then read three books and bring their invitations back to us.  We’ll do the rest!  There are ballots to collect for great prizes at the end of the summer, too! It’s going to be so much fun.  The more they read, the more chances they have to win!

For the older set, we’re having Book Buck Bingo again this summer. Kids in grade 5 and up can pick up their card and start reading according to the spaces.  We’ll give them ONE book buck for every space they read on the card.  There will be two great weeks to spend all those bucks, so watch for more information. 

Because our theme is GO!, we’re hoping to do a few new exciting things this summer as well. We’re on Instagram now, so children and adults are invited to take photos of library events, books they’re reading or even selfies at the library. Just use the hashtag #cplibrary to share them with us!

During the Bridge Street Bazaar in August, we’re going to have a Geocaching event!  Get out those cell phones and get ready to search for fun library caches all over town. Go! (Okay, wait….we’re not actually doing this until August.  Watch here and at the library for more information.)

If you need to know more about any of our programs, feel free to call, email or drop in.  We’d love to talk to you!