Library Lemonade Stand

On Friday, June 28th, we kicked off our TD Summer Reading Program 2013 with a Library Lemonade Stand! We invited everyone to drop in, have some lemonade and sign up for the reading program. Of course, the morning dawned dark and rainy, but we were determined to go forward anyway.  We set up the table and pretended it was sunshiny and warm and hoped we’d get a few kids in.  Boy, were we surprised!

lemonade1Lucky for us, we had a library lemonade lounge where everyone could go and sit with their drink and read a book. It was well used!

lemonade2Our table was full of invitations, fun bookmarks, calendars, Book Buck Bingo brochures and colourful straws and napkins.  And oh yes, two kinds of lemonade.

lemonade3Lots of young, excited kids came and enjoyed regular lemonade and raspberry lemonade!

lemonade4Two hours and everyone was thrilled to sign up and enjoy some lemonade! We were so busy, but we’re looking forward to a wonderful summer!


It’s Survival Week at the library!

If you made it to the Library Lemonade stand last week, you’ll know we’re starting our summer events today! And what a week we have planned!  It’s Survival Week, and we’re starting today with CAMP HALF-BLOOD for kids aged 9 – 12.  We still have a few spaces, so call us this morning to register. It’s going to be so much fun, and it’s free! What more could you ask for?


IMG_4463(If you don’t have a clue about this photo, it has something to do with Percy Jackson. That’s all I’ll say.)

And later this week, it’s going to be an exciting day of Kid vs. Wild! Let’s hope our young visitors come ready to fight for their lives! (Okay, it won’t be that dramatic, but they will have to fight for their teams!)

If you haven’t picked up a summer calendar, you can download one from the side of this page. Or drop by the library to pick one up because they’re stocked with great information about all the programs. And don’t forget, we’re also starting the TD Summer Reading program!  Kids of all ages can sign up to earn fun things this summer, and maybe even win a prize! Ask us for more information at the front desk!


If you haven’t been to the library in the few days, it’s transforming. This summer, we’re GO-ing to do a lot of fun things! The theme for the TD Summer Reading Club is “GO”, which encompasses exploring, travel, visiting new cultures, making friends and discovering near and far. So, we decided to think of a few places in books that are far….



Once our readers finish three books, they’ll bring back their passport and we’ll give them a ballot for prizes which will go into our snazzy retro camper ballot box.




We’re GO-ing to build an enormous city this summer, too!  What could be better than creating a NEW place to GO? Readers will add pieces (buildings, trees, people, vehicles etc.) and it will grow.  We’ll keep track of the changes week by week and post them on the site.



Good thing the city already has a library!


It’s GO-ing to be exciting. So, drop by and get your children GO-ing places this summer! (Don’t forget, we’re having the Library Lemonade Stand this Friday, June 28th from 1-3pm. We’ll have cold lemonade and we’ll start registering kids for summer reading!



Keep Reading!

We strive to make summer a fun as possible at the library.  That means summer reading programs, crafty events, puppet shows and crazy Instagram challenges. It’s enough to give some families an option and enough to keep most children reading all summer.  But what if you want a little bit more?  SUMMER READING CHALLENGES are the thing for you!

I came across this fantastic idea on a wonderful website I’ve been reading lots of lately. Aspiring author, business owner and mom, Sara Biren uses reading challenges to keep her children reading all summer, and have lots of fun doing it! (As if reading alone wasn’t fun, but sometimes, it can feel more like a chore when parents are setting the goals for their kids.) Last summer, she tackled The 100 Picture Book Challenge.  


This year, she suggests a few new ideas, especially good if your kids are beginning readers and might not be up to reading 100 books on their own. How about a Read-Aloud Challenge, where you read together…out loud.  It’s like bedtime stories anytime!  Or what about trying to read an entire series this summer? (Harry Potter, anyone?) Or a Favourite Author Challenge? Let your child pick the author and get reading!

Sara has developed a downloadable tracker for each challenge.  Just click on the links, and then print them off.  This is a super way of making sure you meet your goals!

Will YOU do one of these challenges this summer?  Or make one for yourself as an adult! It’s never too late to enjoy summer reading!


We’re Ready to Go!

The summer calendars are ready to pick up at the library this morning!  We’ve got all kinds of fun things planned for this summer…for all ages!  You should really drop by to pick one up because they’re full of information about what’s happening this summer, but you can print one of these at home, if you like. (They’re pretty, but just a mere shell of the real thing!)

July Calander JPEG

August Calander JPEG

There are plenty of events happening each week. Registration is required for ALL programs, and you can call us to sign up one week ahead for each program. (Spaces are limited, so don’t forget to call!) Since the theme this summer is GO!, we’ve got adventure, travel, exploration and all sorts of other go-related things happening.

There are two special events this summer….a visit to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum in July, and Yvette and her Puppet Friends in August. The puppet show will require tickets, which will go on sale July 2nd. They’re $3 each at the library in advance and will be available for $4 at the door.  This is a family show, so all ages are invited!

We also have two reading programs going on all summer. The regular TD Summer Reading program is for ages 0 – 12, with booklets, passports and stickers to collect.  All the kids have to do is come in to register, then read three books and bring their invitations back to us.  We’ll do the rest!  There are ballots to collect for great prizes at the end of the summer, too! It’s going to be so much fun.  The more they read, the more chances they have to win!

For the older set, we’re having Book Buck Bingo again this summer. Kids in grade 5 and up can pick up their card and start reading according to the spaces.  We’ll give them ONE book buck for every space they read on the card.  There will be two great weeks to spend all those bucks, so watch for more information. 

Because our theme is GO!, we’re hoping to do a few new exciting things this summer as well. We’re on Instagram now, so children and adults are invited to take photos of library events, books they’re reading or even selfies at the library. Just use the hashtag #cplibrary to share them with us!

During the Bridge Street Bazaar in August, we’re going to have a Geocaching event!  Get out those cell phones and get ready to search for fun library caches all over town. Go! (Okay, wait….we’re not actually doing this until August.  Watch here and at the library for more information.)

If you need to know more about any of our programs, feel free to call, email or drop in.  We’d love to talk to you!

TD Summer Reading Club 2013 Kick-Off!

We’re having a library lemonade stand!  Yes, that’s right…drinks at the library!  Technically, it will be outside the library, but we’re hoping for a nice warm day to kick off our summer reading program!


We’re inviting everyone to join us outside the library doors on Friday, June 28th from 1pm – 3pm for lemonade, photos and lots of fun. Oh, and we’ll register our young patrons for summer reading at the same time.  It’s going to be lots of fun!  Lemonade will be free, but we’d appreciate any donation you’d like to make to our children’s programs. Rain or shine, it’s lemonade and library time!

It’s back! Summer Reading at the library!

Once again, we’re starting the TD Summer Reading Program at the Carleton Place Public Library. Kids of all ages will have a blast collecting a poster, stickers and much more just by reading!

All they have to do to get started is come in and pick up an invitation. We’ll sort out the rest (it’s easy…they just have to read 3 books and bring the invitation back to the library).  Once they’ve registered, they’ll receive a great starter kit and a ballot for one of our great prizes this summer. There’s plenty of time to read and collect ballots, so don’t worry.

This program doesn’t require you to come to the library on a particular day or time, so it’s perfect if you’ll be dropping in and out of town during the summer. Kids just need to keep track of what they’ve read, and we’ll bring everything up to date once they come back in. It’s always great to give kids incentive to keep reading during the summer.  We’ll have once BIG grand prize and lots of smaller ones, so the more they read, the more chance they’ll have to win something!

For the older set (kids in Grade 5 and up), we’ll have a separate program to keep them occupied. Remember “BOOK BUCKS”? They’re coming back, only this year, they’ll have to play Book Buck Bingo to earn them. Drop in for more details.

One of the really fun things to watch for this summer is our Gnomebrarian (a library gnome, of course)!  Not only will the kids be helping him put away books on our large wall, you’ll be able to follow all his antics on Facebook, here on our blog, and even on his own Twitter account!

As usual, we’ll also have lots of events running each week for all ages. Drop in to pick up a summer calendar, or download a copy here on the blog ( it just won’t be on our wacky paper). Almost everything is free, but you need to register for EACH event, so call us or drop by the library for more information.  We’re looking forward to a great summer. IMAGINE what could happen!