It’s here!

Our summer calendar has just gone out!  We’re excited to have so much going on—and still coming off our big win from last year’s TD Summer Reading Club!  It’s going to be a great summer!

Download our calendar here, or drop into the library to pick up a printed copy. We have special activities planned for each day, along with running our version of the TD Summer Reading Club, Teen Summer Reading, and Adult Summer Reading. There’s something for everyone!

It’s Survival Week at the library!

If you made it to the Library Lemonade stand last week, you’ll know we’re starting our summer events today! And what a week we have planned!  It’s Survival Week, and we’re starting today with CAMP HALF-BLOOD for kids aged 9 – 12.  We still have a few spaces, so call us this morning to register. It’s going to be so much fun, and it’s free! What more could you ask for?


IMG_4463(If you don’t have a clue about this photo, it has something to do with Percy Jackson. That’s all I’ll say.)

And later this week, it’s going to be an exciting day of Kid vs. Wild! Let’s hope our young visitors come ready to fight for their lives! (Okay, it won’t be that dramatic, but they will have to fight for their teams!)

If you haven’t picked up a summer calendar, you can download one from the side of this page. Or drop by the library to pick one up because they’re stocked with great information about all the programs. And don’t forget, we’re also starting the TD Summer Reading program!  Kids of all ages can sign up to earn fun things this summer, and maybe even win a prize! Ask us for more information at the front desk!

We’re adopting a whale!

This summer, as part of the SPLASH theme, we’ve decided to adopt a whale!  No, he won’t be staying AT the library, but we’ll be helping him and other humpback whales continue to visit their summer feeding grounds in the Bay of Fundy!

TAB, “our” humpback whale

The Bay of Fundy is a summer feeding ground for many species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) as well as seabirds.  The strong tides help drive nutrients to the surface of the water to feed the plankton, which then attracts small schooling fish.  The humpbacks (and other cetaceans) eat these schooling fish. The Bay of Fundy is a great place to see some of these whales, so if you’re out that way this summer, take a tour! 

Our humpback whale’s name is TAB and so far, he (or she) hasn’t been spotted yet this season, but as the whales are just arriving in June, there’s plenty of time. TAB has an all white tail (and yes, we’ll admit, we did pick this whale because of the tail alone). Researchers first spotted TAB in the Bay of Fundy in 1981 and have seen him there every summer since 1984.  Hopefully, they’ll spot him again this summer.  You can follow the Brier Island Blog to keep track of which whales have been spotted and what’s going on in the area.

If you’d like to donate a few pennies toward our adoption fund, feel free to drop into the library and pick up a brochure at the front desk.  We have a whale jar located there as well. The cost of adopting TAB this summer is $25 and any money we earn over that amount will go toward children’s programs at the library. 

For the love of pasta!

We’ve got a few fun programs going this week and one of the most requested has been Jungle Jewelry Day!  We have a ton of kids signed up and with plans to make necklaces, bracelets and much more, it’s going to be fun.  To enhance our collection of beads, Kelsey was busy all morning on Friday making fantastic “beads” from various types of pasta.  She coloured these using food colouring and vanilla extract (it smelled GREAT in here, too!), swished them around in plastic bags and made all sorts of fun beads to use.

Kelsey colouring her pasta beads

the pasta beads

Call us today to see if three are any spaces left in the programs this week!