Get creative!

Finally, a Frivolous Friday post! It always amazes me when I see creative people who make fantastic things out of simple principles or basic materials. Khoa Phan is one of those people. He creates unbelievable stop-motion videos using not much more than paper and a camera.  He even recycles his materials to use later!

He started his wonderful videos after using Vine, a mobile app owned by Twitter that allows users to create and post video clips. He wanted to do something more creative, and got to work on his first Vine. But it was his second one that caught the attention of the Vine creators, who selected it as a favourite. After that, he started getting lots of followers and hits to his creations. He’s now gone on to create more than 100+ vines, many with a positive theme like “have a nice day”.

His videos are also now starting to get the interest from brand names, such as Coca Cola. Who wouldn’t want a creative genius to do a fun video for them? If you want to read a wonderful interview with Khoa Phan and find out how he does these videos, here’s a fantastic article!


The Joy of Books

A pair of bookstore owners in Toronto decided to make a wonderful stop-motion video about the Joy of Books. Type Bookstore was the scene and with a host of many volunteers, they shelved and re-shelved books all night, every night for about a week to come up with this. Enjoy!