The Sky

Photo by Jason Blackeye on UnsplashWhat do you see when you look up? We are all shaped by our experiences, our creativity, our insight, and well, even our vision. This summer, we’re asking “What’s Your Thing?”, so I thought this would be a fun post to share, based on the idea that we all see and appreciate things in our own way.

One Sky is a collaborative project with almost 90 artists who were asked to look up at the sky at precisely 12:00pm EST on August 13, 2017, and then “draw” what they see. The artists came from all over the world, so weather, time zones and even whether it was day or night, came into play. They used their own artistic styles and contributed their view to the project.

Some of the sky views were beautiful–cloudless, blue, sunshine-filled. Others were overcast, dramatic, and eventful. You can see all of the sky interpretations by clicking on this link.

But it makes for an interesting idea. If the kids are feeling bored one day, have them look up at the sky and draw what they see, and then compare. It could be a great discussion piece about clouds, about how everyone sees things differently, and even about colour. Give it a try!