A story the size of a postcard

I came across an interesting website recently called Postcard Shorts. It was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s very short story called “Quarantine”. Although it was a science fiction piece, the site itself boasts all kinds of work, from romance to westerns to literary fiction. But…the underlying idea here is that the stories are VERY short….whatever could fit on a postcard (about 250 words).

If you’re a writer, there’s space to upload your own story to the site. But if you’d just like to read a few good stories, you can either go through randomly or search by title.  Just note, the language can be a little rough at times, but some of the stories are very interesting. (I read quite a few and was surprised at how dark many of them were….deaths, murders etc., but then sometimes people just write about pleather pants!)

Short stories are difficult to create and I would assume that ones this short must really take into account that every word must hold meaning. No room for fluff.  If you’ve never written one, why not try your hand at writing 250 words and see if you can come up with something interesting and complete!