Have you been #seenreading?

Julie Wilson is an author that didn’t start out to be an author.  After a variety of jobs that just didn’t suit her creative cravings, she began a career in publishing. Early on, she had an idea that she could start a little blog, one that would document people she saw reading in Toronto.  That was it. Simple.  She’d just see someone reading, then go back and blog a quick physical description as well as the book title and approximate page number.  Then, she’d create a piece of “microfiction” based on her observations about the person and the book they were reading.  And so, Seen Reading was born.

Fast forward a while, and she’s just come out with a print version as well as a simultaneous eBook release called, “Seen Reading”, of course.  The book is a collection of the many pieces she wrote and an all round fascinating look at people and what they read.  Although the original blog has gone (due to copyright issues), she still posts regularly on Twitter.  The fun part is that she encourages people around the world to use the hashtag #seenreading to tweet their own book sightings. So, the next time you see someone on the bus, or in a cafe reading, tweet a short description, a locale and what they’re reading.  You’ll be surprised at how fun this is to do!

You can follow Wilson on Twitter or drop by her website to see what’s happening with her book or to read more of the fun posts. In our library, we often talk about seeing people reading and had no idea there was a great place to post about it.  We’ll certainly contribute soon!