Every year, Google releases  its annual Zeitgeist list of most popular search terms.  You can see just what people were looking up on the internet all year, and which words stopped being trendy. For the most popular search terms this year, the list includes:

1. chatroulette
2. ipad
3. justin bieber
4. nicki minaj
5. friv
6. myxer
7. katy perry
8. twitter
9. gamezer
10. facebook

And if you look back at 2009, you’ll see that we were curious about completely different things.

1. swine flu
2. wamu
3. new moon
4. mininova
5. susan boyle
6. slumdog millionaire
7. circuit city
8. myspace layouts
9. michael jackson
10. national city bank

I have to admit, some of these terms I’m not even familiar with, but maybe it depends on your age group (I’m probably dating myself here!).  For a complete list, you can stop by the Google Zeitgeist page and see all of their lists for 2010. Maybe you’re even ON it!