To Eat a Salad, or Not?

SaladI like salad. I don’t love it, but I like it. And especially as the warmer months roll around, salad seems to be the thing that I want on my plate more than not. But did you know your reasons for NOT liking salad might be because you’re doing it wrong! I came across this great post on the A Cup of Jo website called “8 Common Salad Mistakes“. And after reading, I’m going to try a few of these to see if they make a real difference.

Most of the suggestions are based on the idea that you’re taking salad with you for lunch, but almost any of the ideas can be applied to a regular meal at home (seriously, salt?!).

Do you have any tips for non-salad eaters that might be useful here? Read through the extensive list of comments on the article and maybe you’ll find a few more tips. I especially love the “non-salad” items as salad. Great tips!

Salad a Day

Here is an interesting idea to get you through the end of the year. It has nothing to do with libraries or books, but everything to do with having enough energy to do everything you need to in the next few weeks. On the interesting lifestyle website, SMAGGLE, they have set up a 30-day Instagram Salad-a-Day challenge! Print out the list, read through the suggestions, and then get eating those greens! It’ll be fun to get a bit creative, and to work some salad back into your daily intake during the holidays. (Salad? Does it come in a cookie format?)


Read through the whole post. They give some great suggestions to get you thinking outside the box.  And you don’t have to belong to Instagram. You can also post your photos to Facebook. Just be sure to use the hashtag #smagglesaladaday and tag @smaggle in your post. Easy, isn’t it? If you start today, you’ll be on Day 16–“Asian” is the theme today. Mmmm…crunchy noodles.

Tips for photographing food? If you’ve seen any of Martha Stewart’s awful food posts on Instagram, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you don’t want your pictures to look like. Instead, make sure your plate is clean around the edges, try to take a photo before you eat anything, make sure the lighting is really good, and aim for a photo taken from above, not off to the side. Remember, look at everything in the shot…..not just the food. Is there something on the table? Is someone making faces in the background? All of these things will make your shot less appealing, and you want people to ooh and ahh over your salad photos, right? Right!

Happy Salad Days!