Red Maple 2010 Winner announced!

Yesterday at Harbourfront in Toronto, a few Forest of Reading winners were announced. And the category we’ve been waiting for was Red Maple.  Who won?  Drumroll, please…..

Word Nerd, by Susin Neilsen!!

This was one of the funniest books available this year in this category and the one that I read most often when I visited schools to get them excited about the reading program.  Our readers didn’t pick this as the winner, but we’ll have to see how well we do tomorrow when the Silver Birch categories are announced.

If you’d like to see some of the ceremony and the award itself, you can stop by the Tundra Books blog for some great photos and video.  You can also check out Susin Neilsen’s blog to find out more about this great Canadian author! Thanks to all our readers for participating this year!

Our Forest of Reading Winners 2009!


The official Forest of Reading Winners have been announced!  Check out the winners on our page called Forest of Reading 2009 just on the right side of this site.

The Forest of Reading program had an official voting day, which was April 23rd.  Our library participated in the vote and all of the readers who were eligible to vote stopped by that evening to vote, eat some cake and win some great prizes.  We had a little trouble picking a winner in one category, so we decided on a tie, but otherwise, our group picked their favourites.  Here were the winners in our local vote:

sylvia newton1

frostroyalmedalbirdsOur readers chose Dear Sylvia in the Silver Birch Express category and Newton and the Time Machine for Silver Birch Fiction.  There was a tie in Silver Birch Non-Fiction between Birds of Prey and Gold Medal for Weird. And finishing up in the Red Maple Fiction category, we had Frost as the winner and Royal Murder in the Red Maple Non-Fiction spot.

We’ve sent off our votes to Toronto and we’ll post the final winners on the blog as soon as they are announced. Thanks to everyone who participated this year.  It was lots of fun!

Forest of Reading winners announced….Update!

Here’s a quick rundown of the winners that were announced yesterday and today in Toronto for the Forest of Reading Program:

Red Maple : SAFE AS HOUSES by Eric Walters

Blue Spruce : SCAREDY SQUIRREL MAKES A FRIEND, by Melanie Watt

And for White Pine : KETURAH & LORD DEATH by Martine Leavitt

In Silver Birch Express, the winner was:

Things are Looking Grimm, Jill by Dan Bar-el

In Silver Birch Fiction, the winner is:

The Secret of Grim Hill by Linda DeMeulemeester

and in non-fiction, the winner is:

Secret Agent Y.O.U, by Helaine Becker

Congratulations to all the winners!