It’s spring, and that means a lot of our programs are finishing up for the season. But that means we hear a lot of questions like…

Why do the programs stop?

When will the summer programs start?

What do you do all day???

Okay…that last question isn’t real. But sometimes, it’s implied. So, what DO we do with all this time between sessions, and why are we stopping?

It’s all about planning. We need time to think about the programs that we want to run in the upcoming season. Then, we need time to plan those programs, and make things for those programs, and advertise those programs. It would be great if all we had to do was think of a program, snap our fingers, and it’d be done. But it takes time to do each step, and to make the programs as interesting and as valuable to our patrons as possible.

If you come to the library, you’ll see posters for upcoming programs. You might pick up a newsletter, or a handout for something while you’re here. We might give you a reminder slip for something you’ve signed up for.  All of those things are items we’ve made. And each program requires many of those things to be designed, printed, photocopied, and added to our social media, website and blog.

In between all of this work, we’re —

  • serving patrons at the desk,
  • answering phone calls,
  • processing books,
  • helping with computer issues,
  • doing webinars to learn about new products or programs,
  • taking health and safety courses,
  • visiting schools, daycares, or other local businesses to run programs or talk about upcoming plans
  • training new staff
  • attending meetings
  • ordering books
  • answering emails and letters
  • and much, much, MUCH more!

Our library life isn’t a quiet one, as much as some people want to believe the stereotype, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love what we do, and it’s and exciting part of our work to be able to dream up and execute new programs, especially when our patrons enjoy them!

So the next time we take a “break” from programs, you’ll probably see us squirreled away at our desks, or in another part of the library, working hard to create a better library services just for you. Because YOU are the reason we do all of this.