Extremely time consuming and incredibly small

For our Frivolous Friday post this week, artist Anja Markiewicz creates the teeniest little pieces of origami art that I’ve ever seen. And she doesn’t simplify them just because they’re extra small. They look just like the full size versions, only much more delicate and unique!

My favourite, by far, is the mouse. Drop by this website to view more of these amazing paper creations!


Going West

The New Zealand Book Council produced this wonderful animated short called “Going West” based on New Zealand author Maurice Gee’s work by the same name.  This is fascinating and creative! What a wonderful way to promote books!

Paper can get you noticed

After going to the Almonte fair last weekend, my husband started thinking about what they could do to improve the site and get more people to attend.  Although I’m sure it was very well attended throughout the weekend, it got me thinking about how places and events promote themselves and what it takes to get people excited about visiting.  Often, you hear of people traveling to obscure little towns just to see something unique and I wonder why we couldn’t do that right here in Carleton Place?  Of curse, it would take some creativity and commitment, but it could be done.

For example, we have many artistic and crafty people in the area but aside from the typical art installation of painting and sculpture, why couldn’t we do something more creative that would draw people to visit.  Like this:




And just what are these?  Paper sculptures, of course!  A Tokyo art student named Wataru Itou designed this paper creation which he calls “Castle on the Water” done on paper with lighting and even a moving train.  It took four years to construct the piece which is on display at Umihotaru, a place “which in itself is a major attraction: a service area in the middle of the ocean, right between Tokyo City and Chiba Prefecture”. There are more wonderful photos of the display here. You can see an actual photo of the area along with Google Earth mappings of the site right here.

So why couldn’t we do the same with our own Town Hall, for example?  It would certainly be interesting.  Can you think of another great image of our town that could be fashioned in this way?