Bathroom Fun!

It’s Frivolous Friday again, and I have something very frivolous for you today! (Or maybe this will change your life….who knows?)



If you don’t have enough to keep you busy, I’ve got the perfect solution…towel origami!  Surprise your family or guests with wild creations made out of your everyday towels! It might be a great way to coax those little ones into the bath each night, if nothing else.

We don’t own this book at the library, but we’d love to order it in for you on interlibrary loan if you’d like to give it a try. Just drop in and we’ll get the order started!



Extremely time consuming and incredibly small

For our Frivolous Friday post this week, artist Anja Markiewicz creates the teeniest little pieces of origami art that I’ve ever seen. And she doesn’t simplify them just because they’re extra small. They look just like the full size versions, only much more delicate and unique!

My favourite, by far, is the mouse. Drop by this website to view more of these amazing paper creations!

Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, we’ll feature a great origami artist who creates all of his work out of single sheets of square paper (to save the Earth, probably).    His name is Brian Chan and he uses a unique technique called wet folding origami.

Wet folding origami involves wetting the paper slightly before making the folds in order to give it a softer look, fewer harsh creases.  You can see from the bugs above and below that the technique is quite beautiful and that the bugs look delicate enough to be real.  You can find many of his creations at his website here and if you are really interested in owning a bit of his art (including his origami), you can find him right here on Etsy.

So, run your water a little less today, turn off any excess lighting, and instead of watching TV tonight, grab a book!  The planet will thank you for it!

(All photos are Brian Chan’s work.)


Whistler’s Mother by Larry Moss

Of course you’ve heard of origami….the art of folding paper, but what about AIRIGAMI?  Airigami is the art of folding air! Everyone is familiar with your standard balloon animals created at birthday parties, but Larry Moss and his crew have taken this to a brand new level!  He says that airigami is the art of folding air in latex containers (namely, balloons)  and his creations are truly amazing. He believes his works are part puppetry, sculpture and origami.

His work is both whimsical and serious and you have to marvel at how any of the creations are constructed.  Anyone who has tried shaping a balloon into a poodle will appreciate the difficulty of airigami. You can see the entire website and more of his fabulous works right here.

We have lots of books at the library on origami, if you are interested in learning about the art of folding paper, and we also have a book or two on balloon art.  Maybe you’ll be inspired by this new creative outlet!


The other morning while I was folding some paper to make a quick little box for an item, my hubby-to-be began talking about origami and the art of paper folding.  So what exactly is “Moneygami”?  It is the art of folding money to create something new.  The really ingenious part of this is the way the artist uses the designs on the bills as part of the object he is folding.  These are really creative!

I found these wonderful images at this website.  if you are interested in seeing more of the moneygami, please take a look.