Technology for everyone!

I was browsing the library catalog today, and glanced at the “hot sites”  list at the bottom of the page. I’m not sure how these links are found, or if they’re based upon Google searches or sites that just interest the people at Sirsi who develop and maintain the library catalogs, but they are always interesting! Today, they were featuring the Free Technology Academy, which is a site devoted to providing good educational tools to allow anyone access to study technology. 

So what exactly is the site all about? It’s a joint initiative from several educational institutions in a variety of countries that believes all people everywhere, should have access to courses that allow them to study and learn current technology.  Great idea! Not only does this initiative aim to educate people who might not have the means to study technology courses (from different operating systems to web development), but it also gives access to people who just want to learn in their spare time.  And it’s free.  How much better can you get?

There are instructional videos and print access to the various courses, and while it is constantly expanding, there seems to be a great deal of available programs already.  The people who run the site ask for donations (because really, even though it’s all free, these people are putting in their time and energy to keep the site going), so if you feel the content is worth it, you may donate something to their cause.

This is a great idea that we’re probably going to see more of as the web expands. We have access to so much out there now that it almost seems “silly” to pay for things when you can get them for free. Of course, nothing will take the place of an actual teacher or school, but this concept is evolving.

Would you take a free course to learn more about technology?