Could You Do It?

With the Winter Olympics almost upon us, many young athletes are going to be glued to their TVs (or computers/tablets/phones), dreaming of the day they might find themselves on a podium. But it takes many years of hard work to realize a dream of going to the Olympics, and for most, it is only a dream.

THE 4 YEAR OLYMPIAN, by Jeremiah Brown, is the story of a rower who not only found his calling after a troubled youth, but worked hard enough to get himself to the Olympics in just four years. It seems impossible, but this story is bound to inspire and encourage.

You can watch the book trailer here. See if you don’t end up cheering for Brown at the end!

Let the Games Begin!

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games are about to begin (February 7 – 23), and the world is waiting to see what fun they’ll bring! At the library, we have plenty of great books about sports, including a display with specific books detailing the winter sports that we’ll be watching during the games. Come in and take out a book about snowboarding or skiing, to gain some insight into the events so you can cheer on our team!



It’s a Gold Medal Win!

What a wonderful surprise for our own Agent G! After entering his photo in a Blossom Shop Facebook contest to celebrate the Olympics, he found out that he was the lucky recipient of a gorgeous Olympic-inspired flower arrangement!  How lucky!

The flowers arrived Tuesday afternoon and Agent G. was the lucky one again to have his photo taken with one of the lovely Blossom Shop ladies.

The flowers are gorgeous, all the colours of the Olympic rings and so cheery and celebratory!! What a wonderful thing to cheer Agent G. up today (he’s starting to feel a little blue now that the summer is wrapping up and he’ll be leaving).

But it’s been a fantastic summer and he promises you’ll see him at the next Olympics, doing what else? Trampoline! Thanks again to everyone at The Blossom Shop for their wonderful and generous gift.  Everyone at the library appreciated it! Especially Agent G.!

It’s the Carleton Place Library Olympics!

While many of the world’s athletes are already on their way to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, we had a host of young local “athletes” attend our Olympic Days at the library. Armed with lots of sunscreen, bottles of water and a host of fun games, they ventured out in the park behind the library and competed in events.  (Our own Agent G. made up part of the cheering crowd. They weren’t taking part in trampoline, so he couldn’t participate, but boy, did he have fun!)

Our kids formed teams and played for fun prizes. The sweat was pouring as the competing “countries” tried their hardest to win Gold!

In the end, everyone came back into the air conditioned building, enjoyed some freezies and cold drinks and showed off their medals.  Okay, and they played freeze dance a  few times, to0! Wouldn’t be a summer library program without Freeze Dance!

Go Canada!

Are you ready for the Olympics?

We have lots of great books about the Winter Olympics at the library, so if you’d like to know a little more about the events that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming weeks, drop by and check out our sports section.  In the children’s area, we have a special table display with a variety of books on each winter sport, focusing on Canadian athletes, such as :

Miga, Quatchi and / et Sumi by Michael Murphy and Vicki Wong


Ski Jumping, Snowboarding and Speed Skating, all by Blaine Wiseman

Wiseman has covered each winter sport and there are plenty of other books along this subject in the library.

If you are interested in following the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there is an official website that will lead you through.  You can drop by at any point and learn something about an athlete, see the schedule of events, buy tickets or something from the store.  Once the games begin, you can also watch events live on their site and see what the medal standings are on any given day.

We’re also getting ready to follow our athletes and to show our support.We created a few Olympic displays, celebrating the official mascots and more.

Go Canada!!