We have a great and ever-expanding DVD collection at the library, which covers everything from children’s movies, to British TV series, to documentaries, to blockbusters. (The ones above are just a sampling of dvds from recent weeks!) While the waiting lists and can be a little daunting sometimes, there is an easy way to keep up with what’s new.

All you have to do is drop by our library catalog and type “DVD” in the search bar. You’ll see the latest movies added to our collection, as well as anything we have on order. But don’t let this be your last move…make sure to log in using your library card number and PIN, and place holds on the movies you really want to see. You can place holds on ANYTHING in our collection, even if it isn’t in the building yet. That means anything on order is fair game, and the sooner you get your name on the holds list, the sooner you’ll be watching that series you’ve been waiting for!

Don’t be disappointed. Ask for your PIN number today, and we can show you how to place those holds! You’ll be happy that you did!



What is Amy Adams doing?

If you like Amy Adams, you’ll be happy to know that she’s starring in two of the biggest selling book to movie adaptations in the very near future.  First up for her is Gillian Flynn’s SHARP OBJECTS, a very dark thriller about a reporter who returns to her home town to cover a grisly murder. And it’s just been announced that she’ll play the lead role in the film based on A.J. Finn’s THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW,a best-seller last year.

Both will be sure to draw in the book fans, and hopefully, their adaptations will be as true to the novels as possible.

Will you go to see either one of these? Did you read the books? Leave us a comment below…we’d love to hear what you think!

It is Popular

One of the most requested new movies at the library is the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. We know that people are eager to get it, but the waiting list was long from the moment we ordered, and it doesn’t seem to get any shorter. Right now, there are 11 people on the waiting list, which means, if everyone were to keep it out for the one-week loan period, it’ll be about 3 months before the last person on the list gets to see it.

Now, while that might seem like a long time in this age of instant download and streaming video, but for those who frequented our last local video store, this might now be their only option. Why don’t we purchase extra copies of popular movies, the same way we do for highly-requested books? There are a couple of reasons.

First, we have limited space for our DVD collection. While circulation of new and popular movies allows us to stock lots of back titles, BBC selections, documentaries, and more, the shelves are still only so big. We also need similar space behind the desk for the actual disks, and if you frequent the library, you’ll know that space is quite limited.

Secondly, DVDs tend to get damaged much faster than books. It wouldn’t be cost effective for us to keep replacing popular titles after only a few checkouts, although we’d love to be able to do that!

So, thank you for being patient while you wait for your titles to arrive. We appreciate it. And don’t forget, you can search our online catalog and place holds on ANYTHING you see, even if it isn’t available yet. The sooner you get on a list, the sooner you’ll get your movie.

DVDs at the Library

saul twinsterssully







If you’re a regular library user, you’ll know that we offer lots of new DVDs each week. Not everything is a blockbuster…we also carry TV series, and now some fabulous documentaries!

Just a few of the new suggestions coming soon or available now at our library?

BETTER CALL SAUL: SEASON ONE—– If you loved “Breaking Bad”, you’ll want to watch this series which is a spin-off, but a bit of a prequel to shady lawyer Saul Goodman’s stint on the show. He made us all laugh at his questionable dealings, artfully decorated law office, and always noisy waiting room.

TWINSTERS——-This documentary follows the life of two young women who meet online and share more than just similar tastes in clothes. The search to discover where they came from will leave you glued to your seat.

SULLY-—-This new release is the latest from Clint Eastwood’s directorial fares, and stars Tom Hanks as the pilot who brought down a passenger jet in the middle of the Hudson River, saving everyone on board after both engines were hit by a flock of birds and disabled. This movie follows the story after the crash, as the National Transportation and Safety Board begins the investigation into whether or not it was the best place to land. You won’t believe what happened behind the scenes in this heroic tale!

You can drop into the library to place a hold or pick up one of these great DVDs, or check out the rest of our collection right here, or online. Don’t forget, we have lots of great new movies coming to our shelves each week.


October is less than three months away, and that means we don’t have to wait long for the release of the film, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, based on the best-selling book by Paula Hawkins. If you loved the book, or loved GONE GIRL, this movie adaptation is bound to draw people into the theatres. Emily Blunt plays the starring role, and I can’t wait to love/hate her.

The newest trailer for the film was just released.  What do you think?  Will you be going to this movie?

Movies at the Library

movies.jpgDVD loans are popular at our library, and we’ve been staying on top of all the latest releases. Among those, you’ll find Academy Award nominees, children’s movies, and independent releases.

If you’re looking for a current selection, drop by our library catalog and type in DVD in the search bar. You can then search through the list, do your own search, or have the titles listed by date released. Place a hold…often new releases are quite popular!

You can find our library catalog at



Movies are Taking Over.

According to Time Magazine this week, Netflix accounts for more than 37% of downstream Internet traffic. That means more than a third of the entire internet is being taken up by people watching movies and TV through Netflix. Is the Internet changing?

movie nightAt the library, we are finding parallels. A large portion of our circulation is now movies, as well as eBooks and Audiobook downloads. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t reading, or that they aren’t visiting the library, it just means that they’re doing more from home, and using the library as a source of entertainment, as well as information.

This isn’t bad for libraries, so don’t panic. We aren’t becoming movie stores. It’s just a different way people are accessing things they are interested in, and we’re lucky to be able to provide these items to the public free of charge. If anything, it’s making the library more relevant to our patrons instead of less relevant.

So, what will you be downloading this weekend?