Weird Weekend

Here we are, a few days into the New Year……and it feels like a non-starter. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have the whole week off, you might feel like 2015 doesn’t even begin until Monday when you go back to work. And if you are working, this is the weekend of nothingness. Everyone is still in holiday-ish mode, and now we’re all busy cleaning up, putting away, getting back into schedules. It’s four days of “what do I do now?”.

If you’re like us, you’ll be spending a little bit of time browsing the web to catch those last minute Boxing Week sales, or dreading the line-ups in stores for returns. Why not take a few minutes to do something fun? How about visiting this fascinating Instagram page “We Never Met”, and reading through some of the stories? This is a genius idea….a person who photographs people without them looking at the camera, and makes up a story about their life or where they’re off to at that moment.


If you got engaged over the holidays, you might well be thinking about all of those wonderful photo ops. You might want to start your research here. Take a look at some of the most beautiful photos of bad weather weddings...….you won’t feel sorry for these couples one little bit!

And while many of you followed our Elf on the Library Shelf antics, this man goes to the extreme each Christmas…..with his DOG! If you only look at one photo, make sure you see the donkey. Oh my.

See you on the official start of all things 2015…..Monday!