Take a Magical March Break!

We’ve got everything planned and in a few weeks, we’ll have lots of kids into the library to spend a bit of their March Break with us. If you haven’t already picked up your March Break Calendar, then stop in at the library and ask for one.  Or….there’s one on the right hand side of this page.  Just click, open and download.  We’re expecting the events to fill up quickly, so make sure you register early for anything you’d like to do.

On Monday, March 14th, there’s Poetry Slam with Danielle Gregoire from 9:30 – 11:30am.  This is a fun performance-based poetry event.  Kids aged 8 – 12 are welcome to sign up.  Bring a pencil and paper and be ready to perform! In the afternoon, we’re having AbraCraftDabra!….a fun hour of crafts, games and more from 1:30 – 2:30.

On Tuesday, anyone who missed out on AbraCraftDabra is welcome to sign up for another great afternoon of crafts!  This will  be the same as yesterday, so please, only sign up for one craft event!

Wednesday will be all about music!!  Issie is joining us with her magical combination of stories, music and FUN!!!  This is open to kids aged 2 – 5 and spaces are really limited, so sign up as soon as possible!

And finally, on Thursday, March 17th….we’re hosting a MAGIC SHOW with DIEGO!  Tickets are available right now at the library for $3 each…or at the Carleton Place Town Hall auditorium on the morning of the show for $4! Don’t wait….these tickets will go fast!

So…hurry on in and sign up for all the great things we have planned!  It’ll be a lot of fun and the kids will enjoy having something special to do!

Aliens have landed!

Yesterday, we had an event at the library…to help the aliens that landed complete a mission!  Teams of kids joined together to solve the clues they needed to help the aliens return to their planet with samples of Earth’s food, maps to an alien car wash nearby, some great presents and even pictures of human beings.  Along the way, the kids had to create helmets to protect themselves from radiation, translator bracelets so that they could talk with the aliens and uniforms for their teams.

Samples of Earth Food

Drawing a map to the alien car wash

If you’re visiting the library, stop by and see our pictures from the March Break later this month!  This afternoon…..Bibliopoly!!  Can’t wait!

March Break at the library!

The March Break is only a few weeks away and our programs are starting to fill up!  We’ve got plenty to do so check out our calendar on the right hand side of this blog.  Please note, the calendar says that Dr. Seuss Day is Wednesday, March 18th, but the correct day is actually Wednesday, March 17th.

Tickets are now on sale for Little Ray’s Reptiles which will be at the Town Hall Auditorium on Thursday, March 18th at 1pm.  You can buy tickets in advance for $3.00 here at the library or at the door on the afternoon of the event for $4.00 each.  Please note:  babes in arms (which only means babies that cannot walk yet) will not be charged for a ticket.  However, everyone else requires the admission.

Mary Lambert visted Carleton Place this week!

We had a great time on Thursday morning at the Carleton Place Town Hall Auditorium.  As part of our Survive the March Break program, we had musical entertainer Mary Lambert drop by with her show “Monkey Sing, Monkey Do” and close to 170 people showed up for a morning full of laughter, music and dancing. (The funny thing is, in the following pictures, you can’t even see Mary Lambert.  It’s all about the audience!)


And one of the favourite numbers that morning was the Tooth Fairy, played by a good sport Dad in the audience.  You just never know what your day might bring!


Teddy Bears Everywhere!


We had a great morning with almost 20 little kids and their teddy bears during the March Break!  Everyone poured in on the bright morning and we had stories, dancing (with our teddy bears), crafts and snacks.  We always have a great time during storytime, but this was an especially fun morning and we can’t wait to have a special day again soon.  If you’re looking for something to do with your children ages 2 – 5 , we run storytime each Wednesday and Thursday morning from 10 – 11am at the Carleton Place Public Library.  Just call us to register and we’ll save you a space!bears

Our little teddy bear faces

Tuesday ‘tooning


We had a fabulous cartooning day during the March Break for kids aged 6-9.  Although most were beginners, everyone went home with a stack of cartoons and hopefully some new ideas for creative drawing. (Okay, so they were only mildly impressed with my crazy pig and cow, but they all had a try at making some silly animals.)

If you are looking for a fun website that is all about drawing, one of my favourites is Drawn.ca, the illustration and cartooning blog.  They always have some fabulous new art, and it was there that I discovered Blue Apple Books and Comics to Go which features a whole line of cartoons that you can download and finish yourself.  This is worth a look if you are trying to find something for your young ones to do during the March Break or on a rainy day.  The drawings are neat and inspired, with lots of selection for boys and girls and no need for real talent.  Just follow the frames and you’ll have ideas!

We are all looking forward to our next craft night at the library which will be held with an Easter Theme on Tuesday, April 7 from 7 – 8pm.  Kids aged 7 – 10 can sign up now by calling us or stopping by the front desk to register.  Hurry….it will fill up FAST!

We survived!

The first day of our  Survive the March Break at the library was great!  Sixteen castaways from ages 10 – 13 joined us for an hour and a half of Library Survivor!   They arrived to the strains of the Survivor theme and we began by dividing up into teams, handing out team supplies as well as team names and colors and off they went to their first task.

survivor1Working on rafts and leaf hats!

The teams really worked well together, solving problems like making a raft out of sticks and twine, drawing maps of the library and collecting fish, all the while getting to know how to use our library catalog and find books on the shelves.  There were some really great teams and I think a few surprises.   We didn’t make it through all the tasks, but everyone had a great time and we were excited that we had such a great turnout for an age group that we previously didn’t have events for during the March Break.

picture-119One of the rafts!

All in all, it was a fun afternoon and everyone went home with a few treats, a souvenier and hopefully, some new friends.