It’s Almost March Break

It’s almost March Break!  Sign up today for our first session on Monday, March 12…”Silent Library”.  Or get ready to drop in for lots and lots of library fun all week long.

Don’t forget, we have lots of tickets for Eccentric Adam!!  He’s going to be at the Carleton Place Town Hall Auditorium on Thursday, March 15 at 10am. Get your tickets now…they’re only $3 each…..or wait and get them at the door for $4 each.  It’ll be a fun morning!

Have questions? Call us at the library at 257-2702 for more information.  We’re getting ready for a wild week!


March Break at the Library!

1Just a few more days until March Break! Don’t forget, we have LOTS of fun things going on at the library all week, for all ages. Drop in, participate, read, pick up materials…we’re going to be busy!

Since it will be a VERY busy week, if you’re looking for Museum Passes (they’ll be in big demand), you can stop by our website to see what’s available. We’ll try to keep a running list of what we have when you drop in, but you can stay one step ahead by checking the website. Just click on this link, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see availability. You can’t place holds on museum passes, so be patient. And if you take one out and use it, please bring it back as soon as you can so that others might take advantage of the savings. We know there will be a lot of people waiting!


Extra Fun at the Library

MARCHWhile we won’t have a ferris wheel at the library this week (sorry to disappoint!), we do have lots of special events going on all week. You don’t have to be signed up for something to have a good time at the library, either, especially if you’re a kid!

What are all the extra things happening during March Break?

You can drop in anytime this week, and we have things to do. How about:

  • Playing a fun game of I Spy—there’s a new one each day!
  • Doodling on the moon (yes, we’re getting out the markers again)
  • A GIANT interactive Mr. Potato Head —it’s exactly what you think
  • Book Bundles—remember those from last year? They’re even more fun now!
  • A Library Lego Sculpture—drop in for books, get 3 LEGO pieces to put on the sculpture
  • A Teen Scavenger Hunt —a new one each day…with PRIZES!
  • Weird Words all over the place!
  • ….and plenty more

Can I sign up a younger child for a program that has an age range?

Sorry, we’re going to be fairly strict about ages during programs. But, you can always ask about being added to the waiting list. If a spot opens up, we’ll give you a call.

Then what can I do with a younger child when a sibling is attending a program?

Wander around the library and participate in one of the fun things I mentioned up above. Our I Spy events are some of the most popular things we do at the library for kids, and they’ll have a lot of fun. There is a new one each day, too. Or pick up a special Book Bundle…you won’t know what books are inside until you get home, but they’ll be good for the whole family.

A Teen Scavenger Hunt? Really? Isn’t that for kids?

Come on! Teens want to have fun, too! And this one is special, and requires them to keep their eyes open, and they don’t have to leave the library to do it. Plus, did we mention prizes??

Are the Drop-In Events going to be supervised?

Plan on staying with young children at our drop-in events. These will be largely unsupervised, but we’ll make sure to pop our heads in on occasion to keep the supplies organized and take a few photos.

Where can I find out what else is happening at the library during the March Break?

Right here! We posted about our events a few weeks ago. Most things require registration, so please call ahead or drop into the library to make sure there are still spaces in the program you want.

Happy March Break, everyone!  Can’t wait to see you at the library…….


Dangerboy is Coming!

DangerboyWe’re getting excited for March Break…and that means fun events! While we don’t have our March Break Calendars ready quite yet, we’ve got one special item to announce: DANGERBOY!

Starting today, we’re selling tickets for DANGERBOY, who will be visiting the Carleton Place Town Hall Auditorium on Thursday, March 17th at 10am. Tickets are $3 in advance here at the library (adults and children), and we’ll have some on sale at the door for $4 each. But tickets will probably sell fast, so make sure to drop in early to get yours!

Here’s what we’ve heard about Dangerboy:

Dangerboy is a talented circus performer who provides a melange of various art forms, including magic, juggling, plate spinning, escape and lots of fun! His interactive show will captivate you and is packed with humour and surprises you will not soon forget!

This show is aimed at children aged 4+ and their parents, so it’s the perfect way to hit those middle-of-the-break blues. If you have any questions, give us a call at the library at 257-2702 for more information.

This is going to be a dangerous morning!

Staches Galore!

It was the 1st Annual Moustache Photobomb Contest for the Carleton Place Public Library. We handed out many, many moustache kits and asked our patrons to take them home and take the craziest photo they could think of…using the moustaches. The pictures came pouring in last week, and now we have a tough decision to make. After all, the coveted “Moustache Medal” is at stake!  We’ll announce the winner later this week.

Here are the entries. Do you have a favourite?














It’s Almost March Break!

Take a break with us this March Break at the library. We have something fun for everyone, from special drop-ins to crafts to fun scavenger hunts. (Click on the photo below to enlarge.)

March Break Insides 2014Of course, this is just a simple outline showing what we’re doing, but you can drop into the library to pick up the real deal…and maybe get your Moustache Kit to participate in our First Annual Carleton Place Public Library Moustache Photobomb Contest! All you have to do is pick up your kit, and then get creative. Then take a photo a post it to our Facebook page!  We’ll vote on the best photo at the end of the March Break (March 14) and award the Moustache Medal!

If you have any questions or want to sign someone up for one of our programs, give us a call or drop by the library. We’re getting excited!

Silly Sushi all the way!

Monday was Silly Sushi, the first big event during our Silly Week programs! We could have offered this three times over and STILL had waiting lists. With a little preparation, we had yummy goodies waiting for the kids who immediately got their hands sticky and dove right into the sushi!

With bowls full of gooey rice crispie treats, fruit roll ups, swedish fish,gummy worms, coconut and lots of sprinkles, we started rolling.  Not only did we make (and safely cut) “california rolls”, we invented our own candy sushi designs and even learned a few Japanese words.

The afternoon was a big success and everyone went home with Bento boxes full of their creations. Can’t wait until tomorrow’s Superhero Storytime!