It was a Magic morning!

We made it to Friday!  And it was such a fun March Break! Yesterday, we visited the Carleton Place Arena where illusionist Chris Pilsworth dazzled us with his amazing magic!



We had LOTS of people in attendance and it was a great morning to be tucked inside a warm building. Good thing Chris was HILARIOUS!


He started everything off with a wonderful trick involving a young girl from the audience.  She was shy to begin with, but boy…did she turn out to be a great assistant!


She used some of her own magic skills to help him put a magic cape back together…..


And then… turned into a hat!

magic5.jpgShe was not impressed!

Later, Chris developed a problem when using a red whistle…..


One whistle….two whistles….three whistles….


And we all enjoyed his stylish dance moves! (Plus, where DID he get those orange pants??)

But it was the big finale that got us all laughing! Thanks to Wes in the back row (who was texting to his wife when Chris plucked him from the audience), and Shelly (who probably had no intentions of participating in a magic trick when she got up this morning)…we watched a funny skit play out that included a BIG jug of water, a rubber duck and a piece of paper. WOW!


Nobody got wet,  but everyone was amazed!  It was an exciting morning.

You can see more of the photos on our Facebook page later this week! If you didn’t come to this event, why not?  We do LOTS of fun things at the library all the time. Keep watching for more events coming soon!

It’s Elephant and Piggie Day!

Sadly, it’s our last babytime this morning.  We’ve had such fun little sweeties join us for the last six weeks that I’m going to miss them!

babiesAnd just because we couldn’t have a March Break week without inviting all our young storytime friends, it’s Elephant and Piggie Day!


The fabulous picture book author Mo Willems has created such a well loved series of books based on a pair of unlikely friends that we just had to celebrate them!


We’re having a drop-in all afternoon today (1:30pm-5:30pm) for parents and children aged 2 – 5. The library will be all decked out in these wonderful characters and there will be plenty of fun.


Stop by, do a craft, play a game, hear a story and take out some books.  It’ll be almost like storytime….without the sticks! (Storytime parents will know what this means…and probably be thrilled!)IMG_4173



We can’t wait to see you! 

CSI : Library Edition

It’s Day 1 of March Break at the Carleton Place Public Library, and we’re starting off with a bang!  CSI : Library Edition is going to be a fun afternoon filled with mystery, clues and lots of suspects. We’ll post our wacky mug shots on our Facebook page later this week, so drop by and take a look. Maybe you’ll see someone you know!


The scene of the crime.

We’ll start with our mug shots and move right into detective work.  There are footprints and fingerprints to interpret, strange white powders and lots of memory work. Is it easy to remember all the details at a crime scene?  We’ll see if our group of young detectives can keep everything straight.


Poor little fishIMG_4126

An upset piggy bank (Okay, I know it’s a rabbit.)IMG_4127

Someone took a bite out of the chocolate bar?


Strange white substance and blue paint footprints!  What happened here??

And there’s been a crime at the library!  When Head Librarian Janet walked in today, she noticed the front door was unlocked. Once she got to her office, she was shocked to find that her prized goldfish were flailing about her desk. Someone had knocked over the fishbowl when they were reaching up to get her piggy bank from the top shelf above her desk. It also lay broken and empty on the desk. But there were clues!  A strange white powder lay sprinkled near the poor fishies, and a half eaten bar of chocolate was left on one of her books. Good thing they were going to paint later in the week. The blue paint can had been knocked over as well and left a trail of footprints leading to the window.

IMG_4129The suspects!

Our team will have to work hard to solve this mystery!

March Break is upon us!

Yes, it’s almost that time of year again! Next week is March Break for all the children in our area, and we have plenty of things to do at the library, if you’re looking for ideas. We still have spots open in our Monday and Tuesday programs, so call right away to register before they fill up!

March Break 2013

And don’t forget, Thursday, March 14th…..we’re looking forward to welcoming illusionist Chris Pilsworth for a fun magic show upstairs at the Carleton Place Arena at 10am.  Tickets are still on sale at the library for $3 each….but we’ll have some available at the door on the morning of the event for $4 each.  This is a family show, aimed at children 4 and up…..

Magic Show March Break 2013

For more information, please call the library at 257-2702!

CSI: Library Edition!

We’re getting ready for next month’s March Break events, and one of the really fun ones we have planned is called CSI : Library Edition.  For those of you not familiar with CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), it’ll be a fascinating and hopefully not too gruesome afternoon of clues, discoveries and criminals!



If you have a young person at home between the ages of 9 – 12, sign them up today!  It’ll take place on Monday, March 11 from 1- 2pm.  We’ll learn how to read clues at a crime scene, use our memory skills to make statements to the police and hopefully, figure out who broke into the library and killed our goldfish! Yes, that’s right…goldfish.  It’s a terrible thing, really.

Don’t forget, we have lots of OTHER great things going on at the library during March Break, and for some of them, you should probably register sooner than later. Give us a call at the library, or download a calendar on the right side of this blog.  Programs are filling up fast, and almost all of them are free, so don’t delay!


We’re getting excited about the March Break, particularly a visit from incredible illusionist Chris Pilsworth!

Magic Show March Break 2013

He’s going to stop by the Carleton Place Arena on Thursday, March 14th at 10am. Tickets are on sale right now at the library for $3 each (children and adults). There will be a limited number of tickets sold, so if there are any more available, you’ll be able to get them at the door on the morning of the event for $4 each.  This is going to be a family event, with the show geared toward kids aged 4 – 12.

He really is Born to Amaze so get your tickets today!

March Break!

It’s finally available today!  The March Break Calendar of events goes out today on the front desk. We’re going to have a lot of fun during this time, so if you want to attend an event, make sure to sign up as soon as possible. The spaces are limited in some programs and they’ll fill up quick!

March Break 2013You can click on the image above to make it larger, or drop into the library and pick up your very own copy.

So, what will we be doing during the March Break?  On Monday, March 11, we’re inviting all amateur crime solvers (aged 9 – 12, of course) to sign up for a fun CSI: Library Edition program.  It will take place from 1 – 2pm. We’ll learn how to solve clues, how to work as a group to figure out what happened to the library goldfish, and we’ll probably have some fun along the way. Registration is NECESSARY for this program, so call ahead or sign up at the library front desk.

On Tuesday, March 12th, we’re looking for young crafters aged 6 – 8, for Craft-o-Rama! Registration is also required for this program, and participants are asked to bring an old t-shirt….preferably something colourful or with a fun logo. (We’re going to be cutting it up, so please don’t bring something special.)  This will be a popular day as well, so please sign up quickly!

Wednesday, March 13th will be a little different for us.  There will be NO usual storytime (babytime will still happen), but children and parents are invited to drop in anytime from 1:30pm – 5:30pm for Elephant and Piggie Day!  Yes, we’re going to be celebrating our favourite Mo Willems books and their wacky characters.  There will be fun games to play, crafts to work on and take home and hopefully a few story sessions, depending on how many kids are in the library at the time. You don’t have to register for this program….just come by anytime in the afternoon and have a great time!  We can’t wait to see you!

And finally, on Thursday, March 14th, we’re excited to welcome illusionist Chris Pilsworth to the upper hall of the Carleton Place Arena!  He’ll delight us with a fabulous show of tricks and illusions for the whole family.  This is aimed at ages 4 – 12, but it’s certainly a family show.  You can purchase tickets at the library NOW until the day of the event for $3 each (that’s for adults and children…..babes in arms get in free).  On the morning of the event, you can purchase tickets at the door for $4 each if we’re not already sold out.  This event wil only allow 100 people, so don’t be disappointed.  Come in and get your tickets at the library today!

If you have any questions about any of these programs, please call us at the library 257-2702, or drop by and ask us in person. It’s going to be a fun week! Get thinking about your March Break plans today!