Magazines Galore!

Did you know we carry lots of different types of magazines?  Sometimes, people come to the library and don’t realize that not only do we have books, but we subscribe to a variety of magazines.


There are plenty of types to choose from: health and fitness, electronics, travel, women’s magazines, beauty, sports, outdoor mags and many more.  Plus, we have magazines for kids & teens! 


The best part is that you can take out as many as you like, as long as they aren’t the current month’s issue (don’t worry, those ones are in the green folders). Plus, we have plenty of crafting, writing, food and fashion magazines that people have donated, so make sure you sift through the general stacks of magazines. It’s a great way to stay current while not breaking the budget on monthly magazines.  Let US subscribe to them for you!

Just one more reason to come to the library!


News for the Young

Homeschoolers and people with kids who are interested in current events might enjoy dropping by Youngzine, a website touted as “news for the young”. It features current events, science, the arts and much more, all in a very kid-friendly atmosphere that you would be happy to send the kids to for information.

Even if you’re just looking for a way to keep the kids occupied and “learning” in this last week before most of them go back to school, Youngzine will keep them coming back long after school begins!

It’s Friday. I think I’ll read a magazine.

Friday always seems like such a long day. So I’m sticking with my frivolous Friday to talk about magazines, which I touched on earlier this month.

We subscribe to many different types of magazines, but our budget can’t accommodate a subscription to everything you’d find on the newsstand. So we accept donations of magazines. We have several patrons who regularly give us the issues of magazines they subscribe to so that our patrons can enjoy them also. Reduce, reuse, recycle. But what if you could have a magazine subscription that changed with every whim you had?

Time Inc. is going to change the way the world reads, I think. In the fall, they are launching something called Maghound, which will allow readers to pay a flat fee each month and select the magazines they would like to receive, even changing to different magazines each month, if they wish. You could read according to the season, or to your interests. Or maybe you just feel like a crazy magazine one month, to see what you’re missing? Maghound promises that this will give readers much more freedom.

Here is a list of the magazines we subscribe to in our library. Click on the link if you want to read the online version or please feel free to drop by and pour through a few issues to take home.

Better Homes and Gardens Bon Appetit

Canadian Gardening Canadian Geographic

Canadian Living Canadian Home Workshop

Canadian Home & Country Chatelaine

Consumer Reports Cottage Life

Country Connection Country Woman

Discover Elle

Family Circle Fine Woodworking

Golf Digest Good Housekeeping

Good Times Harrowsmith

Maclean’s Martha Stewart Living

National Geographic National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Traveler Ontario Nature

Outdoor Canada PC World

Popular Mechanics Popular Science

Prevention Reader’s Digest

Science News Sports Illustrated

A Taste of Home Teen Vogue

Time Today’s Parent