Thank you!

Yesterday was our annual Volunteer Christmas Luncheon, and we had a wonderful time! Each year, we like to say a BIG thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who help us keep the library running smoothly. And our amazing Library Board was also on hand to help us say one last goodbye to Janet and welcome Meriah into the library fold.


This year, we had our lunch at Ballygiblin’s Restaurant, and it was delicious fare, as usual. (Sorry for the dark photos….there was plenty of mood lighting!)


After our wonderful meal, the Board presented Janet with a lovely photo collage and a special gift to keep her in wool for all her knitting needs. It was a great visit with everyone, and although it was the end of an era, we’re all looking ahead to 2014.  Thank you to our fabulous volunteers: Anne, Beth, Bev, Glenwyn, Jean, & Rexann. And another thank you to our wonderful board members for joining us: Rob, Bernard, Mike, Robin, Laura, Tim & Gloria.

Thank you,

Janet, Meriah, Shirley, Heidi, Judi and Sheila


Our Christmas Luncheon at the library

Once a year, we’re lucky enough to have a wonderful Christmas luncheon that includes staff members, Library Board members and our fabulous volunteers. We had our special lunch yesterday and had a great time!  There was lots of food, laughter and a great speech from Mike Jeays to wrap up the year.

Jean waiting for everyone to arrive for lunch

We had a lovely punch, followed by a selection of salads, vegetarian lasagna and a chicken/rice dish.  And of course, Christmas lunch wouldn’t be complete without some yummy cheesecake!

It’s nice to have everyone together at this time of year. We appreciate our volunteers and all the things they do for us through the year. We couldn’t run as efficiently as we do without them. (Thank you Anne, Beth, Bev, Glenwyn, Jean, Jennifer & Rexann!)  And our wonderful library board keeps us running smoothly, seeing to it that our library stays relevant and important in our community. (Thank you Robin, Mike, Tim, Rob, Karen and Bernard!)

So, we parked ourselves in our chairs, bellies full, and worked away for the rest of the afternoon. Looking forward to next year already…….