Be Fearless

It’s almost time for librarians all over Ontario to descend upon Toronto for the Ontario Library Association Super Conference. This year’s theme is “Fearless by Design”, and it promises to be another very creative, inspiring, and educational workshop. (And no, it won’t be stuffy at all!)

There are featured speakers, like Naomi Klein, Jael Richardson, and Desmond Cole. For those of us who might not be able to hit the Toronto International Film Festival, they’ll be screening a film called “Call Me By My Name” at a greatly reduced price for attendees. There are the ever popular yours to various Toronto libraries, awards galas, meet and greets, and other social events outside of the daily workshops.

During the conference, librarians register for sessions taught by other librarians and experts in their fields, so that we can learn about new library technology, brush up on skills that might be fading, hear about great new concepts happening in libraries, and discover exciting new ways to keep our libraries relevant. These sessions are always interesting, always enlightening, and many of us come away from conferences not only feeling refreshed, but energized, and excited about implementing some of the things we’ve learned along the way.

One of the other exciting things about the conference in the Super Expo. Vendors from all over Canada bring displays, books, new technology, and library systems for all librarians to see and interact with. It’s an enormous Expo, and one could wander through several times and not see everything. Included in the Expo is possibly one of the best things ever–book signings! For many, this is the only opportunity to get up close and personal with Canadian and international authors. Often, the longest lines at the conference are for people waiting to have a book signed. The rule is, if you see a line, get in! This year, the registered authors include Barbara Fradkin, Phillipa Dowding, Terry Fan, and many more.

What new things will we bring back to our library? Only time will tell…


Librarians, submit!

Hey, Librarians! Start submitting your favourite reads of 2016, for the next 9 days on Twitter! (Okay, we missed the start yesterday….sorry!)  But you still have time to voice your opinion, one title per day, using the hashtag #libfaves16, and putting the TITLE in all caps. What will win???

Librarian Problems

tumblr_inline_n3sjlzuk2J1rpcnpzYes, we have some of these problems. Staples are a real thing for us.

*Please note, that while this Tumblr site is VERY funny, it is also aimed at adults and might contain content that is not appropriate for all viewers.



tumblr_n9xytmzIrE1qa390yo1_500My favourite…..

Librarian Problems.


We’re Conferencing!

You might not even notice, but a few of the staff from the library will be away this week at the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference 2013! (Don’t worry, the library will be running as usual. Our staff is THAT good!)


While we’re there, we’ll be posting (hopefully) on Facebook, so please go to the Carleton Place Public Library Facebook page in order to see some of the fun.


Toronto will be bustling with librarians (it’s a sight to see, believe me!), all of us going to workshops, making new connections and gathering exciting ideas to bring back to our own libraries.  I can’t wait to see what we might discover this year.  And please, if everyone would take a moment to place an order with Mother Nature to ensure there won’t be a blizzard this year, it would be greatly appreciated!

See you next week!

Love a librarian today!

We’re lucky to live in a small town where the library is valued. Not only does our municipal government support us, but we feel like they understand what a public library means to a community. The city of Toronto is not so lucky, however, as Mayor Rob Ford continues to explore other options, shall we say. Ford wants to take the library and privatize it, supposedly to offer better programs, more options to library users and lower costs overall. But as with all things that sound too goo to be true, this probably is.

According to a recent plea to the public, Toronto Public Library librarians are seriously thinking about striking.  No, they don’t want more money, more hours or more services, exactly. They only want to keep their library from becoming privately funded. According to their stand, the US company that is taking the forefront in the bid to go private has already wreaked havoc on libraries in the US. In the end, there are big promises but fewer services,  restricted book purchases and higher costs overall.  Not what anyone wants.

So what are the librarians in Toronto doing about it?  They’ve started a petition to “LOVE A LIBRARIAN” , to show your support for public libraries (specifically Toronto Public Library in this case, but it applies overall, I believe). You can certainly fill it in online and add your two cents. We may not be fighting for our own library at the moment, but libraries in general need support and if all it takes is a quick form, I say do it. You’ll sleep better tonight knowing you did something.

Super Conference 2012!

Shirley and Janet are on their way to Toronto today to take part in the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2012!! 

It’ll be close to four days of workshops, speakers, browsing at the Expo, special events and probably lots of fun in between.  It’s a wonderful place for librarians from all over Ontario to gather, compare and learn about other libraries, find out what’s new in software and library programs and even make some new friends.  You can’t imagine what thousands of librarians in one place looks like until you attend one of these conferences. (And let me say, it’s far from a sea of buns, glasses and quiet corners!!  Picture wacky outfits, lots of crazy antics and much, much more.  These librarians know how to let loose!)

This year, there are some wonderful speakers and I know each presentation will be well attended. There’s the ultimate librarian’s heroine herself, Nancy Pearl,

….a presentation by George Strombolopolous (we went to a taping of his show last year and he was fabulous!)…..

…..and even a presentation by Neil Pasricha, the author of The Book of Awesome…which is, of course, awesome!

I don’t know which workshops Janet and Shirley will be attending, but I know they’ll come away with lots of fresh and exciting information to help make your library experience even better in the future. Stop by the Super Conference 2012 website to learn more about this event.  They’ll even have some live updates so those of us at home can see all the excitement. Have fun, ladies!