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I couldn’t resist this funny cartoon by Speed Bump!

Children’s Librarians meeting

On Monday, we had a meeting over at the Perth Public Library for children’s librarians in our area. It was a small get together this time, with only three librarians in attendance plus Kathy Boelsma from the Ontario Early Years Center. Kathy is trying to co-ordinate all of the resources available to children in our county and the surrounding area so that we are all tied in together to promote literacy in our region. It doesn’t work just to have the library promoting reading to our patrons. Our communities need to come together to provide services and information for parents to help get their children reading, and not every group is working together at this point, so Kathy is working hard to make sure we are all on the same page.

These meetings are not only good for starting projects in our respective communities, but they are also a great time to listen to what other libraries are doing and how they are promoting programs in their own libraries. It was nice to see what Sue has done in the Perth Public Library. She has a great new section for graphic novels for teens and her program room is bright and cheery for the younger set. Thanks for having us at your library, Sue!

One initiative we are all going to be working towards over the next year, is getting all children who are going into kindergarten to have a public library card. This means the libraries will have to work together with the schools and other resources in the community to get the children into the library for their card. Big project, but hopefully one that will result in higher literacy rates in our counties from this point on.

It is easy to get lost in the day to day workings of the library, so these meetings are a great way to bolster some enthusiasm for new programs and ideas.

How does your community promote literacy?