PA Days at the Library

ONEWe have LOTS of fun planned for PA Days this school year! If you’re looking for something to do with the kids while they’re off, drop in to the library from 1-3pm for Lego or a movie….we won’t announce which one it is until a few days before each PA day.

No registration is required, and our Lego events and movies will be for all ages. Stay for a few minutes, or stay all afternoon….it’ll be a lot of fun.  While neither program will be supervised the whole time, we would ask that parents remain with young children.

When will these take place?

Friday, Sept. 30, Oct. 7 & 28, Nov. 18 & 25

Monday, January 30

Thursday, Feb. 2

Friday, Feb. 17, April 7, May 19, June 2, 9 & 30

Please watch our Facebook page for current event listings, or call us at the library to find out what’s happening. We hope to see you on your PA Day!


Lego Drop In Added!

LEGOWhile we thought our Lego Drop In dates for early spring were all over, they surprised us by adding a new date to the PA calendar…..Friday, April 15th!  That means, if you’re looking for something to do this afternoon, we’re holding a Lego Drop In from 2-4pm here at the library for kids of all ages.

No registration is necessary, just drop by and have fun.  Note to parents: this will be mostly unsupervised, so if you’re coming with young children, please plan on staying. See you this afternoon!

Lego Lego

LEGOIt’s an unusual day for a PA day, but some of the schools have one today. While there is NO STORYTIME this morning, we do have a Lego Drop In this afternoon from 2-4pm. We’ll have a fun challenge laid out, but the kids can make whatever they like. Drop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time….it’s fun for all ages!

Just a note, this is not a drop-off service. Parents, please stay with your younger children as this will be mostly unsupervised.

Happy Lego-ing!


LEGOOur LEGO Drop-In Days at the library were so popular this fall, we’re carrying them over into the winter months. And this time, we’re including three school board PA days—the Upper Canada School Board, the Catholic School Board, and the Ottawa Carleton School Board!

Drop in for a few minutes, or stay for the whole session—we’ll have fun challenges to keep everyone busy. And no registration is required for this….simply show up at the library for an afternoon of fun!

What Will You Do on Friday?

legoIt’s the start of school, and that means regular PA or PD days for the kids. It’s hard to think about planning for days off when you just got everyone back to school, but we’ve been thinking about it!

Join us this Friday afternoon, anytime from 2-4pm for the first of many Lego Drop-In Days at the library. We’ll have fun challenges, and LOTS of Lego set out for everyone. This is a program for all ages, and no registration is required.

What could be more fun than Lego at the library? (Maybe a few surprises when you get here.)

*Just a quick note….we were in error when we forgot to take note of the French School Board’s holidays…..which don’t seem to coincide with these dates. In 2016, we will add more dates to this schedule to make sure everyone is covered!