Create That!

If you’re a creative person, you might have noticed we have a lot of great new books in the library that will give you a few ideas (and some patterns) to make that next ComicCon or event just a little more fun. If you sew, THE HERO’S CLOSET by Gillian Conahan has no shortage of great ideas for men, women, and children’s costumes that you can sew. She presents the ideas with great photos and (hopefully) straight forward patterns. Even if you don’t sew, some of the costumes are probably easily outsourced by a trip to your local thrift shop.

And if you want to get started on something for your littlest cutie, how about KNITTED ANIMAL NURSERY by Fiona Goble. The outfits are super adorable and will no doubt get a huge reaction from anyone who sees your baby in them. You don’t even need a holiday or event as an excuse for your baby to wear one!

We have these great new books and more available at the library. Stop in, check our new bin, or look at our library catalog for these and more. There’s something for everyone!

Let the Baking and Knitting Begin!

It’s fall, and that means we’re starting to think about holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have you begun your holiday baking? Have you put together your baking list for all of those yummy things to go along with your turkey this weekend? Or have you spent inordinate amounts of time or money at the craft store lately, buying up soft, scrumptious wool?

If you answered “yes” to any of these things, we’ve got lots of great inspiration for you at the library. Fall books are all about food, knitting, crafts, and celebrating. Drop in to pick up something like Anna Olsen’s BAKE WITH ANNA OLSEN, or flip through DROP DEAD EASY KNITS by Gale Zucker, Mary Lou Egan, Kristen Kapur to see what you can make before the snow gets here. (I don’t even knit, and I want to make all the things out of this book!)

Of course, if baking and knitting aren’t your thing, we have many other wonderful books to choose from. You can see all of our new books in the scrolling box at the top of our website and place holds, or drop in and check out our new bin. Take home a great book for the long weekend!

It’s not too late!

Maybe you think it’s too late to work on that knitting project you’ve been putting off. Okay, it might not be ready for Christmas, but it’s never too late to do something crafty.  And this time of year (if we ever get chilly temperatures around here), is the perfect time to cuddle up and knit. We have lots of great books at the library to help with a new or ongoing project.

This is just a sampling of some of the great new (and older) books we have on the subject of knitting. There are plenty of books to help kids knit, too.  Of course, if knitting isn’t your thing, we can help you start something else creative…..with books on woodworking, painting, writing, origami….whatever tickles your fancy. Drop by and see what we have or take a look at our online catalog!

My mittens are warm!

I always have cold hands.  I’ve had a pair of leather mittens lined with shearling wool that have kept my fingers warm and toasty, even on the chilliest days, but they’ve become rather dirty and I have no idea how to clean them.  So….I hoped to get a new pair for Christmas and my mother-in-law came through!

These are the incredibly puffy, incredibly warm wool mittens lined with shearling that I received for Christmas.  As of right now, I can barely bend my fingers in order to grip anything in them, but they will lose some of their loft, I’m sure.  Made by a local crafter, these are my new favourite thing!  But what if you’re looking for something a little less puffy?  You can make your own mitts!  We have plenty of great books in the library such as:

Knit Mittens!: 15 Cool Patterns to keep you warm by Robin Hansen

Folk Mittens: Techniques and Patters for handknitted mittens by Marcia Lewendowski

Maybe it will be the start of a new hobby or maybe you just want a fun pair of mitts. Either way, have some fun and drop by the library to pick up a great book for inspiration!

Holiday Sweaters

I don’t knit, but a lot of people at work do.  Even so, I’m not sure they’d stoop to knitting an ugly Christmas sweater like the one above.  However, we’ve all had at least one of these given to us over the years, and maybe you even have one sitting in the back of your closet at this very moment.  So, when I came across this fun little site where you can “knit” your own Christmas sweater, I just had to try.  Stop by We Hate Sheep and design the craziest sweater you can imagine or just marvel at what others have created.  It’s worth a few holiday giggles, anyway.

And yes, this was the sweater I designed.  I especially love the red bow.  Yes, the red bow makes this sweater! Do you have a Christmas sweater?

Do you knit?

I’m not a knitter, but everyone else in the library seems to love the wool and needles so maybe someday, I’ll ask one of them to help me learn.  We have a huge selection of magazines and books that are for the beginning knitter as well as those who are more advanced.  If you are looking for some pretty standard knitting patterns and ideas, you might want to try:

creature designer baby

Creature Comforts, 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, Easy Baby Knits

Or if you are feeling more creative, we also have a few more obscure selections such as:

free dummies dogs

Free-Ranger Knitter,  Knitting for Dummies, Knitting for Dogs

I started thinking about knitting today when I came across a website devoted to unusual knitting patterns as I was doing a search for disguises for my storytime  crew next week.




You can find the link to all of these great knitting patterns and many more right here.  Good luck with your creations!

Is your sign warm?

We have a lot of knitters here in our library.  Many of our staff knit, although I must confess that it is something I have not learned to do….yet.  Maybe once the New Year rolls around I’ll finally get someone to show me because I love wool and it would be fun to know how to do it.


I came across a nifty little site by artist Lauren Marsden who takes her knitting to a new level.  I have always thought street signs are a bit boring, but she has come up with a way to perk them up. I don’t know how legal they would be or if they would be allowed to remain on the signs, but Marsden has certainly used her knitting skills in a new and interesting way!

roseberry_closeIf you’d like to see more of her interesting art, you can find her needle skills at her website here under Territorial Knittings.