Spring Craft Night

We had a great group in for Spring Craft Night at the library this week. Our young crafters gave it their all and really got creative!  We made butterflies, and decorated bird houses. We couldn’t have had more fun if we’d tried!

springcraftThis is the last craft night until the fall, but don’t worry….we have plenty of things to offer this summer for kids of all ages. Keep watching for the summer calendar. It’s only a few weeks away…..

News for the Young

Homeschoolers and people with kids who are interested in current events might enjoy dropping by Youngzine, a website touted as “news for the young”. It features current events, science, the arts and much more, all in a very kid-friendly atmosphere that you would be happy to send the kids to for information.

Even if you’re just looking for a way to keep the kids occupied and “learning” in this last week before most of them go back to school, Youngzine will keep them coming back long after school begins!

It’s a spooooky week!

We’re getting ready for Halloween at the library this week. Tomorrow night is Halloween Craft Night, followed by a special Halloween storytime on Wednesday and Thursday for the little ones.  We expect to see plenty of little goblins and ghosts, but I’m dragging out my annual “costume” to get me through the week.

This was a simple little idea I picked up at Martha Stewart and I’ve used variations on the theme for different times of the year. All you need is a hairband, a little bit of floral wire (or some other thin, bendable wire) and a few bats you’ve cut out of construction paper.  Just twist pieces of wire and attach to the hairband, putting a bat on the end of each.  You can turn and shape the bats so that you have the right look and it only takes about 10 minutes. You’ll look like you have bats floating above your head. (You could do this with any creepy thing, like spiders or even yucky eyeballs would be fun.)  It’s an easy way to look like you’re wearing a costume, make the kids giggle and still not feel silly at work.

I have something entirely different planned for next Monday, however.

I’ve come across a few fun sites for making easy costumes that take very little time or money.  You might try The Crafty Crow, with their great list of ideas for the little ones, or Martha Stewart for some adult choices.  (Okay, so some of them are a little elaborate, but you could certainly do the “raining cats and dogs” easily, and the “mustache on a stick” is always a fun way to put on a disguise.)

So, if you drop into the library this week, I hope you aren’t afraid of bats!