Safe Searching

We have a lot of children come to the library to use our internet. We always have a parent sign a consent form, and make them aware that we don’t have search restrictions. It’s up to them to monitor what they’re children are doing on the internet, just like it would be at home.


I came across this wonderful search engine just for kids that I might start recommending. It’s called KidRex and features colourful graphics and safe search options. What makes this so different?  The site is powered by Google’s SafeSearch and Google Custom Search technology that screens sites for unacceptable content. The site’s researchers plug in keywords everyday to make sure that no sexually explicit sites pop up, and so it is nice know it is monitored on a regular basis since sites often find ways to prey on unsuspecting youngsters.

Not sure how to get your kids to use it?  Why not set it as your homepage?  It’ll pop up right away and they won’t have to go searching for it!