Turtles All the Way Down

Young Adult author John Green has FINALLY written a new book, to be published on October 10, 2017. It will be called TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, and is what Green says is his “first attempt to write directly about the kind of mental illness that has affected my life since childhood.”

TURTLES is about lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara (which are lizards, for anyone who isn’t sure). Fans of John Green having been waiting six years for the follow up to his hugely popular THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, and while TURTLES has no relation to the book, it is bound to have Green’s signature style, witty banter, and quirky characters.

You can place a hold now for the book at our website. All you need is your library card and PIN. This is going to be a very popular and requested book, so get your holds in early to avoid waiting until next summer to read it!



Did They Really Say That?

If you’re a fan of author John Green like many of us at the library, you probably know he makes fabulous YouTube videos. You’ll learn something in each one of them, guaranteed.  His delivery is that of a man who has had four too many cups of coffee, but if you can listen on superspeed, you’ll love them.

For that sparkling dinner party conversation, take a listen to this one where he explains the 50 Most Common Misquotations. You’ll be able to dazzle people with your knowledge!


You’ll Learn Something

John Green is one of our page’s favourite authors. She keeps a close eye on his website for up to the minute information about the YA author and all of the things happening in his life (he’s currently on set for the filming of his book THE FAULT IN OUR STARS). But one of the highlights of his website is The Vlog Brothers’ video blogs (vlogs…they even have their own YouTube channel). Not only is John Green fascinating and informed, his brother Hank has a great sense of humour and regularly records incredibly useful videos, like this week’s “Syria in Five Minutes”.  Honestly, if you don’t know anything about the subject, the vlog will not only entertain, but will educate.  Maybe they should have these guys doing regular vlogs for schools?

An evening of Awesome!

This post is going to be fun for one of our library pages, Melody.  One of her all-time favourite authors is John Green (she even requested a t-shirt from his website for Christmas!), and I’m sure she knows all about the performance I’m going to talk about here.  In fact, she probably watched the live stream, which is, well, awesome considering she’s in high school and shouldn’t care about much more than parties and boys right now.  But it’s John Green, and that is the big drawing card here.

If you haven’t heard of author John Green, you can visit his website here.  His YA books are always utterly fascinating, with a totally different voice from other YA books. (If you pick one up, it’s easy to tell it’s a John Green book.)  His latest work is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, about a couple of teens who meet in a cancer support group, and while you might think it would be a morbid or depressing topic, Green makes the heartbreak enjoyable, if you can imagine.

Now, what makes John Green really interesting, is that he also has a very popular YouTube site where he and his brother “vlog” (that’s a video blog) about weird and wonderful topics.  This isn’t just for teens, let me tell you. His Nerdfighters offshoot is a shoutout to proud nerds everywhere. But what recently caught everyone’s attention was a little concert the brothers put on…in Carnegie Hall….which SOLD OUT.

Okay, you might wonder how two wacky brothers who are self-proclaimed nerds (in a great way), could possibly arrange a concert at Carnegie Hall. They’re musicians, too, of course!  And they have such an amazing fanbase, that their concert sold out without much effort.  (Bruce Springsteen, eat your heart out!) The concert,  John and Hank Green : An Evening of Awesome, was streamed live and you can watch it here.  The action doesn’t really start to get going until about 35 minutes in, so click forward to see them go!

Congratulations to the Green brothers for such a great feat, and for making our lives a little more interesting this week!

“Discovering” an author

We’ve all done it—gone to a bookstore or the library and picked something randomly off the shelf just because.  Maybe it was the cover, or maybe someone recommended the book or author.  And then you take the book home. That’s where the “discovery” comes in.

Recently, I “discovered” YA author John Green.  We have a few of his books at the library, but I ordered a couple in because they appeared on a list of great books somewhere. And I started reading.  Now, I can’t STOP reading them! I haven’t come across such an original voice in quite some time (I’m tired of the young sarcastic voice that seems to dominate every book on the shelves these days), and not only are the books packed with voice, Green writes truly original characters that make you laugh right out loud on almost every page.  So now, these will be some of the books that I’ll not only recommend we purchase for our collection, but I’ll suggest them whenever any of our young readers come in and ask for something great to read.

These are not only books for boys (books that boys would be interested in reading, featuring mainly male characters), but books that girls will enjoy as well.  Green seems to understand “every boy” and writes his characters full of flaws, but also full of wisdom and charm.  I can’t wait to read more.

And it’s just that way when you “discover” an author.  You want to read everything they’ve written.  You want to suggest the author and the books to everyone you know.  You start to see the books or the author’s name everywhere all of a sudden. But most of all, it makes you feel like you’ve come across a falling star that’s just for you.

Recently, Green announced his latest book and a contest to design a cover. The book will be called The Fault in our Stars, and I bet it will shoot to the top of the best sellers list as soon as it is released.  You can read his fabulously informative blog here, or visit his website here to find out more about him and his books. And stop by his vlog that he shares with brother Hank, self-confessed (and proud) nerds and nerdfighters.

What author/books have YOU discovered?