Instagram Ideas!

Instagram is a great way to show off your product…or show off your creativity. If you are looking for some tips to help you achieve great looking photos AND lots of followers, STYLING FOR INSTAGRAM, and INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS FOR DUMMIES are great new books to find tips and tricks.

You don’t have to have the latest phone, special equipment, or interesting props, either. Find out how to curate your feed so that it looks uniform, clean, and exciting with minimal work. Or throw caution to the wind and post whatever strikes you at the time. This is the social media account for everyone. Learn how to use it so that your grandchildren will want to see what you post next, or to drive traffic to your site.

We have lots of great “ideas” books like this in the library. Take one out over the holidays and get snapping!

We’re On Instagram!

14063483_1739056306361311_1292295865_nIf you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that last week, we posted photos with plastic dinosaurs, yarn, and yes…books. Did you know that we often post things on Instagram regarding new books, fun programs, or just interesting things that come into the library…and we don’t post these things anywhere else? If you’re not following us, you’re missing out.

Drop by to see what’s going on with us this week. We’ve got our photos ready!

We’re Instagramming!

teenThis summer, our Teen Summer Reading is taking off in a big way! We begin with our Teen “Take and Make” program. Each week, we’ll put out a new project/challenge/craft for teens to take home and have fun with. This week, we’re starting with an Instagram challenge.

And along with the challenge is a prize (this week we’re giving away a chocolate bundle). All your teen has to do is fill out a ballot, and they could win!

Today’s Instagram challenge is to take a photo of your #CoverCrush, and use the hashtag #CPlibrary so that we can find your photos!  Our cover crush is Alyson Noel’s, UNRIVALED.  Strawberries on a book cover?  Come on!

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Illustrations Galore!

It’s Wednesday morning, and that means it’s Storytime at the library. One of my favourite things about picture books are the illustrations.  When they’re done right, they can elevate a wonderful story to become something superb!  And if you haven’t read a picture book since you were a kid, things have changed a lot. There are many wonderful illustrators out there doing sophisticated and creative work to go along with imaginative texts.

10518183_1464589700455123_726164712_nLauren Castillo’s  StudioCastillo on Instagram

I follow quite a few illustrators on Facebook and Instagram, so when I came across this great post at Sharpread about wonderful illustrators to follow on Instagram, I jumped right on it.  It’s the perfect medium for instant, small illustrations that can stand on their own.  And who wouldn’t want to see one of these adorable pictures in their feed? I’m kind of getting tired of super macro flower shots and selfies.

You can see the full list right here and get a feel for their work. I’m going to go and follow some of these right now. I hope you do, too!


Frivolous Friday Art Explosion!

We haven’t had a Frivolous Friday post in a while. But a I started coming across some fantastic Instagram feeds, I wanted to share them with you.  If you don’t use Instagram, maybe this will inspire you to start. There are so many fantastic, creative people out there!

First up is art director Javier Perez. He creates whimsical little pieces of art using everyday objects and typically, a pen. I’m sure you’ve seen these items on a regular basis and never thought of them in such creative ways. You can follow him on Instagram here.

insta-7(Photo credit Javier Perez)


I’ve been following Humans of New York on Instagram for a while now. Brandon is a wonderful photographer who takes photos of people on the streets (an in subways, and train stations and anywhere else he finds someone interesting), and usually asks them a few questions about their lives.  The stories are JUST as riveting as the photos, and Brandon just released his first photographic book called, HUMANS OF NEW YORK.



How about Murad Osmann, the travel photographer who always photographs the places he goes with a photo of his girlfriend leading him along. It’s unique and the photos are gorgeous! It makes you feel like you’re right there with them. (Some of the pictures have a little nudity or near-nudity, so be warned that this is not for everyone.)

1-Murad-Osmann-600x600(Photo credit Murad Osmann)

There are plenty of new and established Instagram users that will capture your imagination, much more than the typical selfie photos and pictures of restaurant meals. Stop by, have some fun, and see who these creative people are following. Maybe you’ll discover a new guilty pleasure! Instagram.





This Is Where I Read

In August, we’re doing something fun on Instagram.


We want all of our patrons to take photos of yourselves–or people you love–reading!  Is your favourite spot at the end of the dock?  Or do you like to read in a hammock? Wherever you spend your time flipping through the pages on a lazy summer afternoon, we’d love to know about it.  All you need is your camera and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #cplibrary…..and the NEW hashtag…. #thisiswhereiread


Go! Start reading now!

Carleton Place is Fantastic!

It’s the day before the Bridge Street Bazaar here in Carleton Place, and we’re excited. If you’re not familiar with the event, the entire length of Bridge Street will be closed from 9am – 4pm Saturday, August 3rd, so that everyone can walk downtown and visit all the great tables, stores and special shows. There will be over 100 vendors with their goods on display and lots to see and do. Come hungry, because there are always lots of fun places to eat. Have a slice of pizza, some of Mike’s fries, or even some Vietnamese food!  The possibilities are almost endless! Check out the link above to see everything that will be happening, rain or shine!

We’re excited that this year, we’ve got a fun event happening during the bazaar.  You can drop in this week to pick up the information, or grab a handout when you park in the library parking lot Saturday morning. We’ll have a table set out and friendly people to answer your questions. What are we doing?  We’re asking you to “GO!” to some of our favourite spots in Carleton Place as part of the TD Summer Reading Club, and take a photo. That’s it!  And there will be PRIZES!!


All you need is a phone that can download the FOURSQUARE app.  Once you register, you can find CP Library and we’ll add you to our friends list. Then, just go to each of the places listed in our “GO! CARLETON PLACE!” list and use the hint to take a photo. If you have Facebook, upload it there and hashtag it as #cplibrary.  Or do the same on Instagram!  We’re excited to see how many people will participate.  It’s going to be fun, and you have until Friday, August 9th to finish the task in order to qualify for the prizes.

Just a reminder, the library will be closed on Monday, August 5th, for the long weekend. We’ll see you Tuesday!