Judge a Book by its Cover

Home reno star Chip Gaines is ready to release a memoir in October called CAPITAL GAINES: SMART THINGS I LEARNED DOING STUPID STUFF. And one of the unique things about this book is that he let his potential readers and fans choose the cover. Not exactly super interesting, but what makes this kind of fun is that he picked the one that got the LEAST number of votes.

You can see a fun interview on the Today Show where he makes the big reveal, and also shows you the ones that weren’t chosen.http://on.today.com/2vxLB2o

Now, if you choose to read books because of the cover, you might be inclined to pass this one by. It’s not the most flattering of all of the covers–some were well posed and well lit. This one was a spontaneous moment, but Gaines felt like it was also the most honest, which is something he wanted to convey to his fans.

Maybe this is a good lesson for celebrities in the future. We don’t care about photoshopped perfection. Fans are fans because we feel like we want to know more about our favourites—warts and all. Let’s see if this cover is a bad move, or if Gaines knows what his fans are truly looking for!