They came and they Krafted

Our Hockeyville Kraft Night on January 24th was a HUGE success!  We had lots of young crafters who were ready to get their hands dirty, and we were joined by a few fantastic team members from the Carleton Place Canadians!

We made some crazy goalie masks and everyone got to design their own hockey jersey as well!  Our hockey players did a fantastic job helping the kids to create their “krafts”. No one went home without a handful of projects, including the hockey players themselves!

We’d love to thank the members of the Carleton Place Canadians who took an hour out of their schedules to come and be with us.  Not only did they learn the kids’ names, they didn’t even hesitate to get out of their comfort zones and get creative with us!  It was a very fun evening and we hope it’ll help towards our goal of making Carleton Place Kraft Hockeyville 2012!

A BIG thanks to Brodie Barrick, Shayne Morrissey, Luke Martin, Luke Edwards and Jessica Smith for helping us out. Go Carleton Place!

We ARE Hockeyville!

As some of you might know, Carleton Place is in the running for the  Kraft Hockeyville contest! It’s a wonderful initiative by the people at Kraft to support communities across Canada with fabulous hockey spirit! The winning community gets a host of great prizes, including $100,000 in arena upgrades, an NHL pre-season game played at their local arena, NHL open team practices and a special broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC, direct from the winning town’s arena!

As a community with enormous spirit, we’re hoping to earn the title of Kraft Hockeyville this year, but Carleton Place can’t do it without your support! Why not hop over to the Hockeyville website, sign up and “Join” our community.  It’s easy, free and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you’re signed up, you can upload photos that celebrate hockey in our community (photos from the Arena are MUCH in demand), and take part in all the “missions” that are assigned.  But the main thing is to just sign up and join Carleton Place. With your support, we can SO do this!

You can sign up using your email, through Facebook or Twitter and get going! We’ve qualified a a community so far, but there’s plenty more to do.  Watch for community activities in the next few months that will support the effort!

As if ice hockey isn’t already dangerous enough!

A new and extremely dangerous sport is being played by Austrians and it is changing the great game we all know and love.  Under Ice Hockey is the extreme sport being played by free divers and extreme sport lovers in Austria.  And yes, it really takes place under the ice!

The game takes place after a hole is cut in the ice and teams submerge themselves in the freezing waters.  There are frequent “air breaks” and the audience watches from up above on monitors.  No oxygen tanks and the risk of hypothermia are just a few of the dangers, although divers with oxygen are always present while the game plays out.

Of course, if you are looking for a few good hockey books, the always-extreme Don Cherry has a new book called Don Cherry’s Hockey Stories and Stuff and it is available in our library, along with countless other books on the subject.